Family Dressed as Indians for Christmas Doing Gangnam Style: 'No Offense Intended'

December 24, 2012

This came over the Twitter wire a short time ago from our friend @NativeApprops -- she wrote:

In case you forgot in the midst of #IdleNoMore how most of the US sees us:"Native American-Christmas-Gangam-Dance"

The video below is of a white family who, for reasons unknown, have dressed as Indians for their Christmas gathering. And as you might expect, "Gangnam Style" ensues. The explanation posted to YouTube:

Unfortunate intersection of a Native American themed Christmas family reunion dancing to Gangnam Style.
PS - No offense intended to our native american friends!

Comments on the video are piling up fast and furious, but perhaps the best is the simplest, from user uttja:

To be clear: saying, "No offense" does not in fact make this inoffensive.

Watch at your own risk:


Submitted by Anonymous on

Sheer ignorance thrives in the USA. With their history of violence and wars and racism, gun policies, I am not surprised of this behaviour.

Submitted by Anonymous on

This makes no sense at all! They are idiots wanting their 15 minutes of You Tube fame. If they were making their statement about being offensive,then they knew for a fact that it would be! I'm white but I believe there should be respect given to every race,nationality and culture. This is embarrassing to other whites.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I guess the height of bad manners is to shrug and say, "Oopsie. Really offensive, erm" and then require you to have manners enough not to take offense. Sigh. If it feels so wrong, it's wrong. Honestly.

Submitted by Anonymous on

thats pathetic! teaching a lack of respect for First Nations..and they wonder where it all starts....respect of cultures starts in the home! AIM

Submitted by Anonymous on

Thats the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life!!! Dont be offened you say? Yeah, ok. Im only embarrest for u an u should be ashamed of yourselves. But whatever. Its your choice if you want to look like a bunch of jackasses. More power to you. Stupid, stupid lil white ppl.

Submitted by Anonymous on

And these same people would probably be horrified over an al jolson type mockery of black persons or someone dressed as an asian pulling their eyes and jutting out their teeth. But it's simply "OK" to mock American indian traditions and say "no offense"? Doesn't quite cut it.

Submitted by Anonymous on

OMG! Do these people really believe that by saying, "No offense.", that no offense will be taken?? Any self-respecting (and tribal respecting) Native person will be offended by this! I am offended! By stating, "No offense" they KNOW they are offending others but do not care in their quest to be the next viral video. What a bunch of ignorant idiots...and teaching their children to be too! Grrrrrrr!

Submitted by Anonymous on

I see a great opportunity for education to counter the education of media and society. As the older offense terms in the popular child's game Ring Around the Rosey have changed, so can the Hollywood concept of "wild Indians".
I see the fun they are having as a family and their smiles and see a need to channel this into a more appropriate activity.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Thank you You Tube for removing this video as a violation of your policy prohibiting hate speech.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Could not see it it was taken off the air,but they are just miss informed white people maybe they had the same missionary that tried to educate the Indians.There are a lot off sickness that are pass on to poor white folk if they stay with in there own group that don't show up until they are in there 40,s one day they have a master and a ph.D next week their brains turn to mush

Submitted by Anonymous on

Really Yout Tube - they can be hurtfully and ignorantly offensive but we can't call them on it - that is justwrong! Put the offensive video too or put back the comments!

Submitted by Anonymous on

Were they trying to say they stand with the Idle No More stance? Or just being idiots, thinking we're too wrapped up with Idle No More to notice? Maybe instead of getting all bent out of shape, we should, for once, come together as a large collective group, dress white and do dumb stuff, so they can have the perspective we have for once? Saying we are offended does not sink into their heads. Their brains cannot comprehend what is offensive until they are violated by what they find offensive.

Two Bears Growling's picture
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on

Igorant washichu's! Our peoples were far, far more civilized than so many Invaders ever have been.

I believe we all need to educate the ignorant masses as to who we as a people are. Everytime you see something ignorant being said or done by Invaders set them straight. Sometimes it DOES wake a few of them up from being hurtful with their ignorance.

Many of our peoples live the Golden Rule each day. When we have hungry ones among our people we feed them. When we have those who need a place to stay for a while we house them. When we can help someone financially we do so. When we have sick ones among our people we care for them. When we have children needing care we do so. We care for our families & extended family as well.

Creator shared with us what we needed to be doing & how to live a good life in His eyes. Those of us who live each day being a blessing are blessed in so many different ways. A life serving others brings joy, happiness & purpose. What more is there in this journey to really want or need until we walk on & join the ancestors? Nothing!

Like-hearted peoples far & wide, live a life that reflects the goodness of our many peoples & always shine the light on those who are ignorant as to who WE truly are. Lift the veil of ignorance among all you come across.

Two Bears Growling Buffalo's Thunder

Submitted by Anonymous on

thank you for removing this offensive video prejudice is alive and well so sad

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