For the Idle No More Soundtrack: CerAmony's 'Looks Like Change (To Me)'

December 21, 2012

One might argue that Idle No More -- #IdleNoMore on Twitter -- was a movement waiting to happen, a feeling that has existed everywhere but needed communication and coordination to reach critical mass. The time has come -- today's world is one of crowdsourcing, flashmobbing, occupying and decolonizing, and with each step those fighting for a cause are finding new and better ways to make themselves seen and heard.

In terms of being seen, we've got designer Dwayne Bird's poster images promoting Indigenous unity, and for audio we've got Ricky Ogima's "Idle No More Song."

Moments ago, on Twitter, Cree band CerAmony sent out a contribution:

"If #IdleNoMore needs an anthem, CerAmony has one. This is the official video to Looks Like Change:"

That would make two Idle No More anthems by the Montreal-based rockers. Over a week ago, YouTube user littlebearvision uploaded an Idle No More tribute video set to "Last Great Men" -- another CerAmony song. Upon seeing the clip, the author of CerAmony's Twitter feed wrote "I only saw this today and was moved to tears. I never thought our song could stand for so much."

From Buffy Sainte-Marie to Blackfire, indigenous musicians have a strong tradition of creating music of resistance and hope. What others would you nominate for the #IdleNoMore mixtape?

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