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LightningCloud goes prime time: MC RedCloud, Crystle Lightning, DJ Hydroe

Prime Time! 'Kardashians' Features New LightningCloud Single 'My Bike'


Early last week, MC RedCloud and Crystle Lightning, the Native hip hop act (with DJ Hydroe) known as LightningCloud, tipped the Twitterverse (from @RedCloud1491 and @SweetLightning) to a big moment happening Sunday night.

RedCloud1491: It's Official, Brand New LIGHTNINGCLOUD music on KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS airing this Sunday OCT 10

The music did indeed play during the show, and LightningCloud fans chimed in excitedly:

MommaRaeee: How cute heard @RedCloud1491 '& @SweetLightning on #KUWTK right now gettem!! I just love RedClouds voice

Robert_Starkey: Congrats to @SweetLightning & @RedCloud1491 aka @LightningCloud9  their new single is on tonight's #KARDS #KUWTK! 

Here's a clip about making the song; when the official video comes out we'll be sure to bring it to you.

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Submitted by Laynee on
Love LightningCloud! They got that fresh sound you cant get enough of! Their album is OFF the HOOK!