SCIA Minority Staff Director Leaving Senate for NCAI



Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo), vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs announced this morning that David Mullon, the minority staff director and chief counsel for the Committee, will be leaving the Senate according to a press release from Barrasso’s office.

For more than a decade Mullon has served the SCIA, but has recently taken a position to join the National Congress of American Indians as its chief counsel.

“David has spent a majority of his life and career working to serve the needs of Native Americans. With his extensive tribal law background and over ten years of leadership on the Committee, David has personally and positively impacted the lives of so many people throughout Indian country,” Barrasso said in appreciation of Mullon’s services. “In the Senate, we’ll certainly miss David’s wise counsel and good friendship.”

Before Mullon joined the Senate in 2003 he served as an attorney for the Cherokee Nation and the Muscogee Nation. In 2003 he moved to Washington to work with former Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colo.) who was then SCIA chairman, as deputy chief counsel. He was promoted in 2005 to majority general counsel under then Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.). When Democrats became the Senate majority in 2006 he served as minority staff director and chief counsel under Senators Craig Thomas (R-Wyo.), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), and Barrasso.

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Frances Mullon
Submitted by Frances Mullon on
I am David's mother. I am proud of all of David's accomplishments, his integrity, his perseverance, and his good character. I am also proud of all that he has successfully pursued in the best interests of the Native American tribes. He is indeed a son to be proud of, and besides, I love him.