Yale Student Disses Wansum Tail and Pocahottie in 'Costumes, a Poem'


Yale student Reed Bobroff, Navajo, is a poet and performer who noticed a couple of tasteless Halloween costumes -- you may recall Chief Wansum Tail and Pocahottie -- and decided to speak his mind. In the video below he presents the poem "Costumes," in which he critiques the cheap and inaccurate costumes peddled in stores. His message -- well, one of them, anyway: Do the homework. Native culture is so diverse and rich, it deserves better than to be reduced to polyester fringe and a chicken-feather headdress. "We can't be pushed into a box," he says."Our identities are not barcodes, can't be suffocated and reduced to 'Chief Bigwood' and some idiot wearing a deadraven as a hat."

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Frank Bell
Submitted by Frank Bell on
In the first place, the names are so rude and not funny! Idiotic, in fact! Not even worth my time, below infantile, actually!

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James pegolee Horse
Submitted by James pegolee Horse on
Becoming just like them..1969 - 2013 after working from San Francisco to Tulsa Okla. Still fighting for sovereign Propane enterprise constructed on Grandpa Able BigBow Land we Kiowa are still here...