This image was posted to the N.O.A.C.A: Natives Of America, Canada & Alaska Community on Google+. It was the second sign to appear outside the Sonic in Belton, Missouri. The corporate office has apologized for the incident.

Second Racist Sonic Sign: Scalp and 'Drain the Firewater' of Redskins

Vincent Schilling

On Sunday, December 8 a Belton, Missouri Sonic Drive-In Restaurant posted a sign emblazoned with the phrase “KC CHIEFS” WILL SCALP THE REDSKINS FEED THEM WHISKEY SEND – 2 – RESERVATION.

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Hours after the sign was taken down, the Sonic Corporation issued an apology, which partially stated:

An independent franchise owner allowed two sets of remarks to be posted on a message board outside his restaurant. The remarks were wrong, offensive and unacceptable.

The first sign was replaced by another which read: “KC CHIEFS” WILL SCALP THE REDSKINS DRAIN THE FIREWATER -- OUT OF THEM --

In the N.O.A.C.A: Natives Of America, Canada & Alaska Community on Google+ created by +Orval Elliot, one of the group’s moderators posted the later version of the sign. In the post, +Shawn S. wrote:

Sonic politely asked the owner to change his sign the first time, he changed it to this. This was the second offensive sign before the “apology”. Which is why I question sincerity.

The owner of the Sonic in Missouri has been directed by Sonic corporate to not comment, but Patrick Lenow, vice president of public relations for SONIC, again apologized for both signs. He said in an email:

There were two offensive, wrong messages posted. Our understanding is the first was displayed for about 15 minutes and a poor attempt to rectify it was posted for about 10 minutes, so both were part of the same incident. Both messages are unacceptable and contrary to the values of our brand. Sonic and the local owner are sorry that such unacceptable messages were posted for any duration and are working through a process to prevent any type of reoccurrence.

Our response is simple as it is guided by our values. What was done by one individual was very wrong. Ignorance is not an excuse. People were hurt by these messages and accountability must be taken. Apologies are appropriate and processes for preventing in the future are also appropriate.

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James Lister's picture
James Lister
Submitted by James Lister on
Independent owner or not, remove your name from that person's store! There was no sincerity there and it is quit obvious he did not have Sonics best interest in mind when he did it twice! If you do not take the franchise name away from him you condone hate and his actions were ok with you. That would put you in violation of race laws in your employee agreement. Making Sonic synonymous with Hate.

Tarey's picture
Submitted by Tarey on

Leotie's picture
Submitted by Leotie on
I am at the point where these fake "apologies" are done just to keep them from losing business. I've had Sonic food one time, but never again because of this. There is absolutely no sense in doing something like this and I can almost guarantee that had this been done in reference to Blacks or Mexicans, that particular one would have shut and locked it's doors right after the first sign was up. It is beyond despicable that people can denigrate Indians any time and any way they want to and walk away from it.

OK NDN's picture
Submitted by OK NDN on
The first sign was disgusting and written by an ignorant individual. To follow it up with the second bigoted sign is indicative of a racist person who has no morales. If Sonic allows that employee of one of its franchises to continue to work there, then we will ask all Natives and supporters to boycott all the franchises.

Geronimo 's picture
Submitted by Geronimo on
Please contact and call Sonic Headquarters to file your complaint: Oklahoma City, OK 73104 (800) 569-6656

Sam Jarrah-Moon's picture
Sam Jarrah-Moon
Submitted by Sam Jarrah-Moon on
These racist signs are appalling! The person who did this and any persons who allowed it to happen should be prosecuted. Accountability is essential! Standing by & letting something atrocious happen is the same as doing it! Hatred of this kind cannot be swept under the carpet. The intention was to cause harm, nothing else!

Laree's picture
Submitted by Laree on
Why don't we just post signs that say something ignorant about the white man oh yeah that's right because we have brains. The employee needs to be removed from his position and someone local needs to put a complaint in to the local BBB- Better Business Bureau. I never thought a franchise this big would have allowed such a thing to happen in the first place.

Zoongitozi's picture
Submitted by Zoongitozi on
Some people seem to be confused, it's not an "employee" that posted these disgusting signs, it's the owner of that particular Sonic location that posted the signs. With a "franchise" like Sonic, McDonalds, etc. anyone that has enough money can buy or open up an individual location of the store and like this owner you will own that particular location but also be a business partner of Sonic or whoever the bigger franchise is. So I guess the ignorant racist owner felt like he could do whatever he wanted but he forgot that Sonic, whose name he is using, might not like his racist behavior. There must be something in the franchise deal that prohibits this kind of thing though.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Are there no NDNs in Missouri to picket and complain? I'll jump on the bandwagon too, but the people most affected by this (the local NDNs) are the ones who have to make enough noise to bring the problem to the attention of the people. The Sonics in my home town employ many indigenous people and they've never posted anything remotely racist so it wouldn't make sense for the NDNs in New Mexico to boycott Sonic. My advice would be to unite ALL of the minority groups in Belton, Missouri and start a boycott of Sonic. It shouldn't be too difficult to enlist some help from other minorities. Anyone who hates NDNs for the color of their skin certainly doesn't have any problem hating Mexican-Americans or African-Americans for the color of THEIR skin. White businessmen understand only one thing. Profit margin. Once you start cutting into that they'll at least change their ways enough NOT to be labeled racists. Now, if we could just change the way they think.