AP Photo/The Deseret News, Tom Smart
Thomas S. Monson, president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, gives a thumbs up at the end of the morning session of the 183rd Semiannual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013, in Salt Lake City.

Fraud? Mormon Prez Summoned to Defend Church Teachings on Natives


A British magistrate has summoned Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London March 14 to answer a charge claiming some of the church’s teachings are fraudulent.

The Telegraph reports that seven of the church’s teachings are listed, including beliefs that the Book of Abraham was translated by Joseph Smith, a Mormon prophet, as well as beliefs about Adam and Eve and Native Americans.

The complaint has been lodged by Tom Phillips, a former member of the Mormon church, who now runs MormonThink, a website that is critical of the church. He says the church asks members to donate while promoting doctrines that “might be untrue or misleading” and that could violate the Fraud Act of 2006. The complaint names Stephen Colin Bloor and Christopher Denis Ralph as victims who were tricked into paying 10 percent of their income to the church.

Among the beliefs being cited as fraudulent are that “Native Americans are descended from an Israelite family which left Jerusalem in 600 BC” and that “all humans alive today are descended from just two people who lived approximately 6,000 years ago” reported The Telegraph.


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toso mustaj's picture
toso mustaj
Submitted by toso mustaj on
This guy is just looking for publicity...sadly, his nonsense is endangering his soul. His spirit has already obviously been corrupted.

hesutu's picture
Submitted by hesutu on
I was not aware the British allowed people to bring legal challenges to the validity of the teachings of various religions. That is a quite fascinating idea. I think they have chosen the wrong faith to begin with since Mormons have very little influence in England. I am very interested though in them establishing the factual basis whether Henry VIII who founded the Church of England, slaughtered his wives who displeased him, and executed all who disputed his claims, really was the one true global emissary of god at his time. From the findings of such proceedings, we may then proceed to determine whether the church he founded which sent countless people to exterminate my people was truly acting legitimately according to their god, and if their claims of god given title to our people's lands is legitimate as well.

indianz34's picture
Submitted by indianz34 on
This Tom Phillips is a fraud! Just trying to find a way to get money through lawsuit and for those other 2 individuals who said that they were tricked into paying tithing don't seem to comprehend that they have their agency to pay tithing or not. I know that paying tithing will bring great blessings to those who keep this commandment and I know that the Book of Mormon is true!!! I can tell everyone this that I am a full-blood shoshoni and that I am proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!!

grey dawn's picture
grey dawn
Submitted by grey dawn on
As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, sometimes referred to as Mormons I know some of what has been said in this article and they are taking many things out of context. As far as anyone having to pay 10% of their income, it is in scripture, that we are to pay 1/10 of our increase to the Lord and the church uses that to build churches, Temples, church literature, missionary fund and more than that and the leaders in the churches do not receive a salary so they have families, jobs, and do the work in and for our faith because it is another opportunity for us to serve our Heavenly Father. As the name of our church implies, Jesus Christ is at the head of our church and it is thru him that we will live once again with God the Father.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
WTF? Everyone knows that Native Americans are the lost tribe of Israel. Hasn't anyone ever heard of the Shapirohos?

1firstborn's picture
Submitted by 1firstborn on
The English Legal System is not quite so accommodating to religious organisations as in the USA. What might be unheard of in Utah as far as religious accountability is concerned, is very different in the UK and Europe, where much more stringent laws and checks are applied. In the Mormon church, members have been coerced into paying 10% of their annual income into the church as a direct requirement to enter Mormon Temples, to partake of sacred and essential temple ordinances and by dutiful repetition, gain entry into Mormon Celestial Heaven. The member must also attend two bi-annual interviews and answer specific questions regarding personal obedience and worthiness to Mormon standards. One of them is obedience to Tithing as part of the qualification process. Furthermore, an annual Tithing Settlement interview is conducted with the member at the end of each year, to ascertain that the member is indeed a full Tithe payer. These demands on each member to comply to the payment of Tithing as it relates to Temple attendance qualification and essential Celestial advancement, amounts to nothing more than financial extortion on a massive scale. There is nothing voluntary about that little business venture. Always keep in mind, that this action is under English law jurisdiction and will not take place in the cosy, unquestioning theocratic utopia that is Mormon Utah.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Will this set a precedent? Is the disbelief in Science and Evolution endangered? Is religious-based ethnocentricity coming to an end? This seems a parallel controversy when you consider the recent furor over NDNs seeing the parallel between themselves and the Palestinians. Why should the creation story of one religion be favored over the rest? I'm pretty sure most NDNs DON'T think they came from "the Holy Land," nor do I think NDNs believe they fell from grace because a snake tempted them.