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Trump claims he has "as much Indian blood" as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren responded to Trump with a Tweet Monday that is historically inaccurate, writes Culture Editor Simon Moya-Smith.

Moya-Smith: Trump Calls Out Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Indian Blood,’ Then Warren Said This Madness

Simon Moya-Smith

Complete delusion. No grip on reality. Bad history in a white brain.

I’m describing Elizabeth Warren here.

Trump the Troll, who is now the leading Republican candidate for the American throne, ripped into Congresswoman Elizabeth Warren during an interview with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, upchucking, “She’s got about as much Indian blood as I have.

“I think it’s wonderful because the Indians can now partake in the future of the country,” Trump told Dowd. “… Her whole life was based on a fraud. She got into Harvard and all that because she said she was a minority.”

Firstly, fuck Donald Trump and his hubris and hatred and his small hands and rotten skull.

Now that we got that out of the way, back to Warren: 

She claims her great, great, great grandmother was Cherokee, but she has never provided any evidence that she is indigenous North American, and she gets seriously testy when any reporter queries her about her curious parentage. The only evidence Warren has to confirm her lineage is an alleged picture of her grandfather, and “high cheekbones” in her family.

But this column isn’t about “convenient Indians” – people who claim to be Native American when it serves their agenda, and who are not visibly a part of the community they claim to belong to. No. It’s Warren's Tweet published Monday to Trump the Troll that is completely delusional … bad history in a white brain:

According to Elizabeth Warren, a congresswoman who claims to be Native American, this nation “was built on values like decency, community, and concern for our neighbors.” ... I guess enslavement and Indian removal and relocation and boarding schools and prison camps [today known as reservations] and the multitude of massacres and murders and rapes and anti-Native American policies geared to annihilate Indigenous Peoples just skipped her mind, huh? Right.

I don't know what world Warren lives in, but it has got to be at least a neighbor to Trump's, because this tweet of hers, a small window into her skull, is World-Class Bullshit, which is rumored to be the name of Trump's next hotel resort.

Lo, this nation was NOT built on decency and community and concern for our neighbors. It was built on racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and pure hatred of anything not white Christian. Don't let Warren or Trump or any other person who would whitewash and myth-make history convince you otherwise.

OK. Got to catch a flight. In the meantime, watch out for more lies and bullshit. They pepper the American ground like landmines. If you don't look carefully at all times, you may be the next victim. Don't be. Your friend - Simon.

Simon Moya-Smith, Oglala Lakota, is the Culture Editor at Indian Country Today. Follow him @Simonmoyasmith.

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Ojibway Turtle Mountains's picture
Ojibway Turtle ...
Submitted by Ojibway Turtle ... on
Dear Mr. Moya-Smith, You also should mind your words Sir. I’m Chippewa by birth. My Mother went to Marty and her Mother went to Ft. Totten and all my Grandmothers back to the when the Great Spirit made us out of the mud from the mouth of Frog, we have been the People (Chippewa). I never asked to be born with blue eyes, that’s just what happened. For my whole life I have had to live in two worlds, in neither of which I belong. I’m proud of who I am and wear it on my sleeve, everyone who knows me knows I’m Chippewa. Even though I look white, I have had to bear the brunt of “Chief” and “Squaw man”, I lost the biggest real estate deal of my life ($1.3 million) because at signing Bud told me he was from North Dakota and I said Mom was from Dunseith. When I have been on our Rez I’m still no one, you see I have blue eyes. Now I know it’s not easy being you, but at least you belong somewhere. Try being a ghost everywhere and see how you like it. Morgan Bloomer (Demery-Poitra) Chippewa Great Turtle Mountains ND

Juliet's picture
Submitted by Juliet on
It might be inaccurate, but it tries to speak to our better natures -- unlike Trump's racist bullsh*t.

Everett Tsosie
Everett Tsosie
Submitted by Everett Tsosie on
Freak Cool... When someone tells me they are part native. I say I am part Irish... the hair on my legs and that is it.

Wanda Charlotte Mundy
Wanda Charlotte...
Submitted by Wanda Charlotte... on
I agree completely with Moya-Smith. But I DO wish that these on-line publications would NOT rely on US Spellcheck - and that journalists would learn the tools of their trade - ie., the LANGUAGE with which they communicate. The word is "xenophobia" - with an 'n' - after the first two letters - not a 'b' . . . "built on racism, misogyny, homophobia, xebophobia,"

Wanda Charlotte Mundy
Wanda Charlotte...
Submitted by Wanda Charlotte... on
Would love to share this story - but there is no FaceBook link . . .

turbojesus's picture
Submitted by turbojesus on
You know nothing about the Dawes Final Roll. I had one my ancestors precluded as he had smallpox. It has a court transcript of someone testifying on his behalf as he was forcibly removed from the court because of disease then was denied based on the other person's testimony. Yet, I had several other people in my family that were native by blood so it didn't matter for my personal consanguinity.

Sheri Oz
Sheri Oz
Submitted by Sheri Oz on
I appreciate this well written article. The nerve of some colonialist powers to rewrite history to suit the tales they want to tell themselves irks me no end! I hope you do not mind that I want to share this article among Israel supporters since we are suffering from Arab colonialists who are trying to rewrite our history and telling us that Jews and Arabs lived together peacefully before the damn Zionists came and spoiled it all.

susangale's picture
Submitted by susangale on
I agree that this country was built on genocide and slavery. However, in regards to Warren, I just wanted to say that she never tried to prove or use her heritage. She was only going by her family's stories of their history. She never tried to use it in any way for any benefits. Many in the east have family stories with no way to prove anything because of the decimation of The People.

Marty BlackEagle-Carl
Marty BlackEagl...
Submitted by Marty BlackEagl... on
proof, proof, proof... why are we the only race that needs to prove who we are. someone says "my great-g-g-g-g-grandmother was black, " they don't say, PROVE IT!!!. Anyway, if the white conqueror kept better records of non-white people, then we would be able to prove anything you'd like. BUT since you didn't, oral history and DNA are our only options. My Cherokee blood comes from Georgia from before the trail of tears, but i cant PROVE it... does that extinguish all my ancestors on that side of my history? Elizabeth's not running on an Indian platform, she not claiming federal tribal rights or monies or anything. So what's the big deal. White people started the one-drop rule to keep their race pure.... so going by that rule, if she's got one drop of Indian blood, then she's Indian. I'd rather welcome her into the tribe then any of the other folks in politics nowadays. At least she working.

Sammy7's picture
Submitted by Sammy7 on
Is there not a more agreeable understandings of Indianness? Are there not more inclusive understandings of Indianness that demonstrate respect? Must one accept citizenship in an indigenous subordinate dependent United States recognized Indian Nation to call oneself Indian? Given the historic genocide on Turtle Island and an objective understanding of history, it seems probable that many mix-bloods have deep ancestral Indian heritage. Is acceptance of one’s subordinate dependent status as a citizen of a recognized Indian Nation something to be proud of? Does it license one to judge others? I have two Indian blood lines. I am the documented eleventh great grandson of Wahunsonacock Powhatan, Paramount Chief of the Powhatan Confederacy, but not a member of the Pamunkey Nation, am I not Indian? I was raised in the traditional beliefs of my Indian ancestors; but, refuse to accept citizenship in a domestic dependent Nation, am I not Indian? I participate in traditional ritual and ceremony on our privately owned ceremonial grounds, am I not Indian? I study and speak some of my ancestral language, am I not Indian? If I were challenged by either a citizen of a recognized Indian Nation or a white person to prove my Indianness would I do so? NO! I will not be subjected to their narrow-casted or flawed definition of Indianness. In my mind I exist and live as a Traditional Indian, not affected by the false claim of domination, independent of government and assimilated tribal interference, and as close to the Traditional lifeways of my Indian ancestors as is practically possible in this modern world. Although I do respect you personally, I do firmly reject your judgment of others as non-Indian based upon their refusal to present their pedigree upon demand.

Janet Davies
Janet Davies
Submitted by Janet Davies on
I may not be of Native birth - but I DO know records for Natives in this country are appallingly little --- there are MANY true Natives with no ancestral records because they were either destroyed or were never recorded anywhere truly safe --- too many Native people have little written records which so many people demand be the only '''true''' way to prove one is Native born .... I would be honored if I had had some Native blood in me as I believe Naive people are a people of pride and one would think more just than the whites AND others who took advantage of them in this land . .... I have listen to Natives describe the spoken word as a way of keeping family stories and lineage;; but if YOU ( as a Native person ) don't want to -- it is a shame .

Jess_B's picture
Submitted by Jess_B on
I think several of you missed the point Simon was making. This article is about Elizabeth Warren saying "this nation was built on values like decency, community, and concern for our neighbors.” Warren's claim is incorrect. This USA was founded on hate and genocide. At susangale comments, it is believed that Warren used her self-claim of Native ancestry for personal gain, check this out: These types of self-fulfilling claims hurt the struggling Native students (some coming from reservations) who apply to programs like Harvard and get denied. These students have 4.0 GPAs scoring substantially high on their entrance exams, and with a plethora of experiences on their resumes; but in the end lose out to those claiming to have Native ancestry for self-gain. These students who are denied have entire Indigenous communities counting on them to get that degree in order to help their communities - that's what we Natives call convenient Indians. On a side note, no, we Natives do not go to college for free; I have students loans knocking at the door.

WTF's picture
Submitted by WTF on
I would like to ask you. If I ask questions you do not like or want to hear will you ban me or label me a troll. My ONLY interest is the truth. I have some knowledge on indigenous people and none of it comes from the garbage taught in our school books. Grade,high school or college. My focus is also mostly on Eastern US Tribes.Know in advance I agree with your bad history assessment but will not use the white brain nonsense because it perpetuates the "Indian vs the evil whitey" as those behind the attack on Warren have declared they are involved with . Fighting the evil whitey.Understand I am not political. I dont care what party you are in. If your an idiot your an idiot. So I would like to answer some questions: (1) If this statement that is posted on the Warren attack facebook is a blatant lie will you come forth in admitting it as such. They have posted "This is a group started to show unity among the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes in demanding Elizabeth Warren tells the truth about her "Cherokee" identity." Fact :The three federally recognized Cherokee tribes are NOT part of this witch hunt on Warren and have not demanded anything of Warren. This facebook besides its republican counterparts is the work of The two people behind the site Twila Barnes and David Cornsilk . Twila Barnes claims she has been doing genealogy for years when in fact in 2007 she did not even know what genealogy was and was posting online begging for help with her own genealogy much of it pure nonsense. The other David Cornsilk or stalk is about as Cherokee as my sock. As he explains"His mother was a full blood white so he claimed to be half blood. “Their was a lot of prejudice against us since we were half white”. Half your ass. That could only be if Daddy was a full blood. But he was not. Cornstalk admits that his own grandmothers Dawes is a fraud “Cornsilk’s paternal grandmother, she of the wavy hair, who was informed on by her neighbor Leonard and enrolled as a full-blood, although she wasn’t one.” So that makes daddy half blood or less depending on how NOT full blood grandma was and Cornstalk ¼ or less based how NOT full blood grandma was so the half blood story was a lie. Now he tells us that Great Grandma great Grandpa were full blood Italian . My great Grandmother was an Italian named Alberty. See his interview in One Drop of Blood The American Misadventure of Race By SCOTT L. MALCOMSON . The same place while he vigorously attacked Warren for her high cheekbones claiming Native people had no common features, in dispute with a long report paid for and written by the same Feds whose Dawes Rolls you claim is the only thing that can make you a Native American, remarked himself "There was, for example, the matter of lips. Cornsilk’s are a big-lipped people.”So many of my family have really big lips, and that’s a characteristic, I think, to a certain degree, of many American Indians.” So high cheek bones no good but Big lips ok. Question 2. If any person regardless of race in 2016 declared them selves a"Wanna be Hunter" and made the following racist remarks."“If you do the big bad white man will remove you.” “This is not the first time a Cherokee is forced out by the Whites” “The white people think they can take anything they want from the Indians and we have no say” “Listen Yoneig you better change you white way of thinking” “And it goes on until the colonizers have erased the Indians and replaced them with themselves.” “Gee, an Anglo going to battle against an Indian. That’s nothing new” And best of all "If you or your cherokee ancestor left the nation we said goodbye to them and their descendents for all time.” and “To put it bluntly to HELL with them and anybody who descends from them” Who the hell is we. So my question would you be honest and them racist and delusional Question 3: Dawes Rolls. Do you or do you not agree the Dawes Rolls the only thing that is acceptable for Native recognition is a joke and worthless.Many that would not be a part of the Dawes debacle were forced onto the roles and testimony given by professional government witness coerced by commission members .Cornsilk admits his is a fraud. Twila Barnes own Polly Boots and Carey Dawes are a joke. Commission: how old did you say she was?? Professional Witness: about 40. Commission: dont you mean about 55. Professional Witness : Oh Yes she is abut 55. Because forty did not fit the record. This is what any Native person presents as proof of their native heritage. Question 4: The issues of all the records say white. Any genealogist without an agenda knows that means nothing. My father and all his generation are listed as white. My grandmother and her entire generation are listed as white on every record. My Great Grandfather Gideon and his entire generation on every record are listed white. His own mother used the name Mary Ann and was listed as white. But in 1860 under her real name of Julia she is listed as Mullatto as was he mother and all her siblings whose generations are all listed as white. In 1850 she and her mother were African American slaves and in 1860 she is living right next store to her ex master who fathered her children. So much for hundreds of records and generations of white records. Julia married a WHITE listed Gibson. A direct descendant of Gideon Gibson of the Pee Dee Settlement in South Carolina. Look up his heritage. So are we all white?? Question 5: I studied indigenous groups of the North East out of respect and admiration but stop with the innocent native spew. One of the the greatest SLAVE uprisings called one "the most spectacular act of rebellion against slavery" took place in 1840 by African Americans against their Cherokee owners. The Cherokee Nation passed stricter slave codes, expelled freedmen from the territory, and established a 'rescue' (slave-catching) company to try to prevent additional losses. In 1819, the Cherokee Nation passed slave codes that regulated slave trade; forbade intermarriage; enumerated punishment for runaway slaves; and prohibited slaves from owning private property..By 1835, the time of removal, the Cherokee owned an estimated total of 1500 slaves of African ancestry who they forced with them not by the Feds but by the Cherokee and its was the black slaves who suffered and died first on the trail of Tears. Within five years of removal, 300 mixed-race Cherokee families, most descendants of European traders and Cherokee women for generations, made up an elite class in the Indian Territory. Most owned 25-50 slaves each. Some of their plantations had 600 to 1,000 acres; cultivating wheat, cotton, corn, hemp, and tobacco. Most of the men also had large cattle and horse herds.[3] By 1860, the Cherokee held an estimated 4,600 slaves, and depended on them as farm laborers and domestic servants. At the time of the Civil War, a total of more than 8,000 slaves were held in all of the Indian Territory.,What??? no more boo hoo. Question 7: The Cherokees were one of, if not the last, to embark on the trail. Why. What were they doing just before. They were Murdering Seminoles along side American Army Troops in the Seminole War. Question 8: ON the Cherokee Reservation in Oklahoma what was "nigger hill""Up there" refers to a hill overlooking Tahlequah. a place local whites and Cherokees call Nigger Hill. The black people who live up there today are still collectively known as "the freedmen" and are descendants of slaves brought west by their Cherokee owners from the tribal homelands in North Carolina, Georgia, northern Alabama, Tennessee, and parts of other states. You can be indigent about the treatment of indigenous groups. The murder and dissection of King Philip or "Metacom" gave us all an idea of what whacko scumbags arrived on the shores of this land and Tecumseh plans to push them all back into the sea was the last chance before their absurd "manifest destiny" and the Gatling gun got to the western nations. Wanna be hunter my ass

Cathy McAdams Diaz
Cathy McAdams Diaz
Submitted by Cathy McAdams Diaz on
Hello : I appreciate the anger due to the devastation that the "white man" has rendered upon indigenous people. My family is from Puerto Rico and I was taught that all Taino people were decimated by the 1500's which is not true and only now are my people starting to understand the depth of lies about our ancestry. In fact, around 70% of people living on the island have the Taino marker. We are preserving the artifacts and sacred sites. We are learning to be proud of our ancestry, but to date we remain unrecognized. Please support us in our effort to be recognized as Taino desendents. Related to this article, I have always had Native friends who walk with me on my life's journey. Some people (many people) were adopted like my BFF's husband and cannot prove it, but they are native. My Bff is Hopi and Mexican while her husband is half Cherokee, but cannot prove it because he was adopted. I do not think that Elizabeth Warren meant to be insensitive to the indigenous people's struggle with her words. I ask you to consider her heart and look at her record. She has fought against incredible opposition to help people ALL people. Please do not let Trump prevail with his thinly veiled smear tactics. I anticipate that Elizabeth will respond to this soon. Trump really is scared that she may be selected as VP if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination. BTW Bernie sanders is interested in healing the wounds from all the injustices perpetrated upon Natives. Please see here Bernie Sanders position on Indigenous rights. As I said, I understand the anger and sense of betrayal keenly, but do not follow the deceptive words of Trump trying to divide us. Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of us and she deserves our respect and inclusion, by her lifelong record of fighting for the middle class the poor and people of color. She has a seat on the train of love and healing. She is one of us and ask yourself what motivates Trump? EW spoke out against him and his RECORD so he is smearing her by making it appear that she did something wrong so many years ago.... please don't fall for it. Just think, she must be pretty clean if this is all he can dredge up to discredit her. Trump is a man with little integrity for attacking EW. This is a really low blow and one can only surmise due to the smallness of his character AND his hands.... peace my brothers and sisters do not fall for the smear tactics!

onedman's picture
Submitted by onedman on
So, I read the piece and then read the comments. I see a lot of flag waving. I'm this, I'm that, I refuse to be them. Uuummm, I'm just a man, so I raise a white flag, I surrender; I'm just a man. These labels people throw around like baseballs does nothing more than perpetuate divisions among us all. Me? I'm special, I'm just a man. I can trace my blood-lines back through to 966 on paper, recorded histories. I am still just a man, just like men all over this planet. Pride gets bruised, humility will carry you through rough water. I am just a man.