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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Daryl Hannah and Conor Kennedy at climate change protest.

Two Kennedys, Darryl Hannah and Other Celebrity Activists Among 47 Arrested at White House Keystone XL Protest


Just one day after President Barack Obama announced initiatives to combat climate change in his State of the Union speech, protesters descended upon the White House to urge the U.S. government to turn down the contested Keystone XL pipeline.

A number of people, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his son, 18-year-old Conor Kennedy (known as singer Taylor Swift’s ex), were arrested on February 13 and charged with “failure to disperse and obey lawful orders,” The New York Times reported. Also arrested was actress Darryl Hannah, who has been arrested at least twice before over this issue, and civil rights activist Julian Bond. In all, 47 people were rounded up and later released on $100 bond each, the Times said.

Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune, prominent climate scientist James Hansen, and outspoken climate change activist Bill McKibben were also arrested, The New York Times reported. They, Kennedy Jr., Hannah and Bond zip-tied themselves to the White House fence in defiance of police orders that they leave.

The protest was organized by the Sierra Club, the first time its board had authorized civil disobedience in its 120-year history, according to a statement on the group’s site.

Obama has appointed John Kerry as secretary of state, heading the department that has the ultimate say in whether the XL portion of Keystone gets built, because it traverses international lines. In his State of the Union speech, though, Obama emphasized energy independence as the way to combat climate change. This has also been the buzzword for those in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline.


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m's picture
Submitted by m on
these people are no more connected to this project than a rooster in the ocean. these elitist "do-gooders" who siphon power from us are imposters and should head back to the stolen lands they inhabit in the northeast. enough of them already. if these areas are to be developed, it should be for the benefit of the people who live on these lands. Let them reap the benefits.

Darlene Pipeboy's picture
Darlene Pipeboy
Submitted by Darlene Pipeboy on
when Pres. Kennedy was in office, he donated his salary to charity. When we take a stand on issues, we believe in the cause. When we take care of the environment it will take care of us. America has to understand its relationship to the earth. Food,water, air are common elements that all people need to survive. man creates disaster, he will kill his lifeline.

D. Carter's picture
D. Carter
Submitted by D. Carter on
Why should they be treated any differently that other protesters? If they were told to leave and refused-arrest them. I'm all for the pipeline and jobs.

jabmyeyes's picture
Submitted by jabmyeyes on
We have to break more treaties with more Native Americans to pull this off. Stop the madness. This is about money and power for a few individuals this isn't about what is best for America. Our energy independence includes being independent of Canadian Tar Sands and shale oil. We have our own resources of wind, geothermal, sun, to run our homes and cars and enough of our own oil and coal to run the military. We don't need the pipeline.

Tiffany's picture
Submitted by Tiffany on
Obama and Kerry are just puppets for the multinational corporations who are raping the land and the rest of us. Our government has become just like the Communist Chinese - they do exactly the opposite of whatever comes off their forked tongues. If Hanna and the Kennedys hadn't participated, this probably wouldn't have even been reported in the so-called national news. Quit knocking them for making a much-needed effort.

candyo's picture
Submitted by candyo on
The buzzword is Keystone will be detrimental to the Environment, the water, the wildlife, the oil spills from the pipeline, and there will be spills... Worse to clean-up than any of the spills in the gulf of Mexico by BP. Imagine theres no water, just the ugly pond scum from the devastating tar sands. The Oil Moguls want to get the oil tar sands to the closest port east, west or through the middle of America. They don't care what gets trashed to do it. Energy independence means jobs to who? If they would fix our infrastructure which has been crumbling they would create jobs for everyone. We need new bridges, roads, a complete make-over of America the Beautiful!