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New Zealand Black Sox perform the haka ahead of their game against the Philippines at the Tradestaff ISF World Softball Championships, Rosedale Park, Auckland, New Zealand, Thursday 7th March 2013. Photo: Ben Campbell/World Softball Championships

Video: New Zealand Black Sox Perform Maori Haka Before ISF World Softball Championships Game


The recently concluded ISF World Softball Championships finished familiarly: The New Zealand Black Sox, the country's national men's softball squad, took the title, their sixth overall. As is tradition with New Zealand's national teams, the softball team performed a haka before their games to honor the Indigenous Maori people. The haka is a traditional Maori war dance. Three members of the Black Sox are Maori: center fielder Ben Enoka; shortstop Tyson Burne; and infielder Brad Rona.

Here are two videos of separate hakas performed by the Black Sox before games at this year's world softball championships.

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SR's picture
Submitted by SR on
This demonstration shows such respect for their teammates, the culture of the indigenous people and the country's history. Good for them, I am proud of the team and hope they keep doing it!

ablg234's picture
Submitted by ablg234 on
When South Africa plays New Zealand in rugby they do the haka before they play. The first time we thought it was a welcome to New Zealand dance - they beat us. It is a war dance lol!