Four Directions Productions is working to bring Native film to the festival that celebrates the life and work of German author Karl May

Cultural Festival in Germany Presents Unique Opportunity for Native Filmmakers


The Karl May Festival, which will take place in Radebeul, Germany, from May 9 to 11, is searching for films made by or about American Indians.

Karl May (1842-1912) was a phenomenally popular German author who wrote stories about the American West. The Karl May Museum in Radebeul is dedicated not only to May's life but also to the Native American cultures that so fascinated him. The Karl May Festival attracts some 30,000 visitors, predominantly Europeans who share May's curiosity about the ways and history of the American Indian.

As guest nation host of the Festival, the Oneida Indian Nation is looking for features, documentaries, and shorts. If you have a finished work and would like to be considered, please submit a DVD before April 8, 2013 to:

OIN G-Fest
Attn: G-Fest Director
c/o Four Directions Productions
4677 Route 5
Vernon, NY  13476

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Susan Campbell's picture
Susan Campbell
Submitted by Susan Campbell on
An author favoured by Hitler provides this opportunity. A victory for anti-racism and Indigenous rights. The ironies of history!

red bear's picture
red bear
Submitted by red bear on
why do posts like these show up at the last minute. its all good ive been reading about natives waking to support other natives. i dont believe that, i cant get any support from any funding or my own. if i was maybe a half-breed itll be good. natives i know are jealous and will do things or say things so you cant get support or monetary help. i hope its true what people are saying about support......... i probably just need to find the right people to work with.........rockchild