'Lone Ranger' character poster of Johnny Depp as Tonto

'Lone Ranger': New Character Posters Released


This week Disney has been releasing new character posters for this summer’s blockbuster The Lone Ranger.

As of today four characters have been posted on the film's official Tumbler page, including the two title characters, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, and two lesser-known characters, Red (played by Helena Bonham Carter) and Rebecca Reid.

The question of whether Johnny Depp is right for the part of Tonto has been a hot topic in Indian country since the announcement last year. However, we have to admit, these new posters look pretty cool.

The action-packed western opens in theaters July 3.

Meet the cast:

"Meet John Reid. A Texas lawman whose chance meeting with Comanche warrior, Tonto, sets off a series of events that change him into an enigmatic hero: the masked Lone Ranger. " (Disney)

"Meet Tonto. He rides alone in search of the two men responsible for the ruin of his village, until his path crosses with the young lawyer, John Reid." (Disney)

"Meet Red Harrington. The dramatically coiffed, straight-talking, ivory-legged proprietor of a mobile establishment of lavish entertainments." (Disney)

"Meet Rebecca Reid. She’s made for finer things, yet possesses the grit and independence of a frontierswoman. Her spirit is caught between two men: her husband Dan, and his younger brother, John." (Disney)

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Lorie's picture
Submitted by Lorie on
I'm am glad to know Depp is od Cherokee descent and has proudly announced it. I wish Angelina Jolie was proud enough if her Iriquois/Metis (Canadian) heritage to be an advocate for her own people.

Laura G Ross's picture
Laura G Ross
Submitted by Laura G Ross on
I take it there were absolutely no Native people available to play Tonto.

Gary Brisky's picture
Gary Brisky
Submitted by Gary Brisky on
I say that Johnny Depp can pick and chose his parts like no other. And with his history of film is a flick containing footage of Alaskan Natives. All done respectfully. I cant imagine he would do anything that is negative towards Natives. An issue in our world is with mascots being depicted of natives as ugly, chubby, USA unwanted. I dont watch movies on my own much. Yet this one makes me laugh just from the trailers. I will save judgement for the viewing. And I hope I dont leave my sense of humor at home. Now that is truley un native.

Seshwa's picture
Submitted by Seshwa on
With so many qualified Native American Indians Actors, you would think they would choose from here. Johnny Depp's genealogical ancestry proves no Native lineage, research it. When will Hollywood let races play themselves in movie parts; probably never, sadly.

Bucks Transition's picture
Bucks Transition
Submitted by Bucks Transition on
Hollywood always goes for the known face. And now more than ever - I bet there's a handful of people that get all the roles. Beyonce, beyonce, beyonce!