Lee Surrenders to Grant at Appomattox
As this country celebrates the Civil War Sesquicentennial,...
The belief in white supremacy is a real thing that kills...
Wilma Mankiller Replace Jackson
It’s time for an update on the women organizing what some...
Information is power, and communicating it is vital....
David Duke Don Black
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Stormfront, the...
Aaron Carapella Son Sequoyah
In the beginning, there were no lines. Prior to 1492, North...
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American Indian History

Yamasee War Georgia
Christina Rose
Few American Indian wars were more devastating to colonists and more influential on the development of the south than the Yamasee War of 1715...
Alysa Landry
Lillie Ann Begaye was 12 years old when her entire world turned white. It was mid-December 1967 and snow had fallen on the Navajo Nation for days...
Ethnic Indians Indigeneity Champagne iStock
Duane Champagne
Ethnicity and indigeneity are two different forms of cultural identity...
Cherokee Elder Sue Wildcat
Cherokee Elder Sue Wildcat talks about hitching rides because most people couldn’t afford a car, and playing in the creek...
Justin Giles Arnold Taylor Smithsonian 1790 Treaty
A delegation from Muscogee (Creek) nation was on hand in Washington, D.C. on March 16 to witness the arrival of the 1790 Treaty of New York...
An article posted to Mother Jones today looks back at a practice begun in the Reagan administration: Video briefings on current events, provided to the Commander in Chief by the CI...
Sarah Sunshine Manning
All March long, it is Women’s History Month. Surely, indigenous women are a part of this devoted month as well...

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Rick Kearns
Activists are looking for descendants of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School to get their input for development of a Heritage Center at the farmhouse located in the present-day A...