As nearly 10,000 walkers thronged through the streets of...
What happened to Indigenous Peoples in Canada was nothing...
Edward Lamoureux Lucianne Lavin Book Signing 2013
Lucianne Lavin’s book, “Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples”...
Four Horn Ram June 2013 Sheep is Life Celebration
Don’t say “baa” when you hear that, for Navajos Diné bí'...
Decolonial Atlas Arapaho Map
Alaska Natives have at least eight different names for the...
Mashpee Nine Documentary People
In anticipation of the 40th anniversary of the police raid...
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American Indian History

Ireland Blooms Leprechauns
Christina Rose
What’s more Irish than a leaping, green-garbed leprechaun, hoisting a pint of ale and stashing his gold coins at the bottom of a rainbow? Pretty much anything...
Famine Memorial Dublin Photocall
Christina Rose
The British over the centuries were equal opportunity offenders when it came to colonizing other cultures...
1790 Treaty of New York
Muscogee (Creek) Nation
A Muscogee (Creek) Nation delegation will travel to Washington, D.C...
Theresa Braine
A mournful song echoes through the exhibit hall, similar perhaps to sounds that once drifted across the Great Plains...
Cherokee Elder Ed Wilson
Born on December 22, 1931, Cherokee Elder Ed Wilson has, as he says “been around the block a few times.” In this interview with the Cherokee Nation he talks about swimming holes in...
Geologic Time Scale
Steve Russell
There is time and then there is geological time. Like many concepts scientists find convenient, geological time has suffered from perceived conflicts with sacred myths...
Conquistadores Fed Dogs Indians
Steve Russell
No historian seriously questions that the European invasion of the Americas resulted in millions of deaths. The serious debate has been how many millions...
Steve Russell
The Europeans had ideas about Indians that were difficult to displace with facts...
Carlsbad Amanda Best
Osage Nation
In a large senior citizen center in Carlsbad, California, the sound of people laughing and visiting fills a dining hall...
Elaine Grinnell Blessing UW Longhouse
Richard Walker
The second longhouse to be built in Seattle since earlier longhouses were destroyed in the late 1800s will be opened on March 12, this time at the University of Washington...