A fire glows outside a sweat lodge, where Western Shoshones...
Emmy-Award winning filmmaker Alex Zacarias and Taino Daca (I Am) lead character Roberto Mkaro Borreeo - Amy Majagua'naru Ponce
Emmy-Award winning filmmaker Alex Zacarias recently spoke...
With 120 rooms, two towers and eight kivas, Spruce Tree...
A woman holds a sign at the Spirit of Popay protest - Courtesy Photo
A loud group of about 50 mostly Native protesters disrupted...
A new study claims to have validated a fourth Mayan codex...
Kennewick Man Clay Model
The return of the Ancient One to his home is nearer....
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Researching the Past

Sand Creek Starr Carbine
Konnie LeMay
“Sand creek was a crime, it happened 150 years ago… and this gun is kind of the smoking gun for Sand Creek,” Andrew E...
Kennewick Man Clay Model
Duane Champagne
The Ancient One, known to archaeologists and the public as Kennewick Man, has been the focus of controversy between archaeologists and American Indian tribes...
Xavante Indians
Alex Ewen
Two new research studies, published in two separate scientific journals, have found that the DNA of certain Amazonian Indian tribes are similar to those of the indigenous inhabitan...
Mesa Prieta Petroglyphs Upside Down Man
Anne Minard
Mesa Prieta rises above the Rio Grande Valley in remote country west of Santa Fe, New Mexico...
Jordan Wright
You don’t need to be a history buff to dive headlong into Jacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a Great American Land Grab (Penguin Press, 2015), Ste...
Jordan Wright
Noted author and journalist Steve Inskeep, co-host of Morning Edition on National Public Radio, sat down with Indian Country Today Media Network to dissect his new book, Jacksonlan...
Jeffers Historic Site
“The sacred is like rain...
Tequesta Ishmael Bermudez Miami
Michelle Tirado
A scrap of property near the heart of Miami is valued at nearly $2 million, but the owner refuses to sell to protect the archaeological treasures uncovered on the lot, reports the ...
Though it may seem right out of the Hindsight Is an Exact Science department, the politics and news site Vox has come out with three reasons that the American Revolution should nev...