Marty Two Bulls, 'Land Bridge'

Marty Two Bulls

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I am fully aware of the problems with the land bridge hypothesis (I won't even call it a theory). But I am curious: do the folks who simply accept the "land bridge" idea, along with the notion that American Indians' ancestors arrived "only" 15,000 years ago, actually use this to deny any legitimacy to native land rights?
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Hi Marty,Thanks for the fast reply. Talking to you and having othres read what I say is a real kick for me. I was the head announcer for eight airshows and participated in three othres plus I have stood before a number of large groups and flapped my gums as the director of the event. I am not afraid to be before a group of people but what is different between trying to be cute and entertaining for five hours and posting on this site is when I was done talking everyone left and my words were soon history. Here, what I say can be viewed and relived for weeks, months, and even years. Wow!While thinking of my trip and reading your blog I have come away realizing there are many different types of train riders. On my first trip I was a passenger going from point A to point B with a couple of dozen stops along the way. I was not riding the train for the joy or excitement of the event instead I was a piece of cargo going back to Michigan to celebrate my in-laws 65 wedding anniversary. Not that I didn't enjoy my time on the rails but it was rather a continue search for what to do with myself next. Being the sight seer I am I did not want to miss a single rock formation or a fallen down shack next to the RR. Not having ever been a tail traveler for 60+ years I didn't know what to expect. I had never followed the history of the rail roads or the companies that developed this part of the American History. I had seen a little bit of the country while viewing it from a car window never giving a thought to why a certain town existed or had now become little more than a road stop. Until a week ago I only knew Route 66 use to be a major traveled route between Los Angeles and Chicago. Until I viewed it from the train last week I had never appreciated the history and prosperity it brought to the communities it passed through and the people who used it to migrate west. My trip starting in Los Angeles on May 16 was only to for transportation with who knews what thrown in.Today I have a slight idea what I'd like to do next time I take the SW Chief, if that possibility arises. I know I'd like to get off in Flagstaff for at least a day and I definitely know I could spend a week exploring the stops in New Mexico. I saw a little cemetery nestled against the hills somewhere I believe was between Lamy and Las Vegas I'd like to visit if I could ever find how to get to it. I'd say you take your first trip on the SW to see where you'd like to stop off at on your next trip. My next trip will be as a passenger heading to nowhere in particular. Hope my wife would want to accompany me but she is more of the orderly type. Now onto attempting to figuring out how to sign up for your blog. Sure was easier when teaching at college 'cause all I had to do was ask my students or the dep't computer tech.Safe travels,Kerry


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