12 More Candid Photos From Proud to Be Indigenous Week

12 More Candid Photos From Proud to Be Indigenous Week


For an entire week, Native peoples from all over the world took to Twitter, Facebook and, perhaps, YouTube to build connections and share their voices in the 2nd Proud to Be Indigenous Week organized by First Peoples Worldwide.

One tweet, which was written in French and translated into English, said it best: “@Proud2beindigenous ?Indigenous peoples can be proud yes: they always know the way that will save humanity.”

In fact, some participants weren’t indigenous, but nevertheless, contributed to the campaign. There's also a page to pledge your support. 

As this week draws to a close, Sunday, May 18, is the last day, a plethora of voices filled the Internet as well as photos.

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Earlier in the week, ICTMN celebrated with the campaign by posting 10 images of pride in Indian Country and beyond. Butbecause this is a week long event, we decided not to let it end without showing a few more photos that caught our attention.

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