The Charlie Hill Portrait Session: Thosh Collins Photo of the Week

The Charlie Hill Portrait Session: Thosh Collins Photo of the Week

Thosh Collins

The subject: Standup comic Charlie Hill, who died on December 30, had a vast influence on Native comedians who followed him, and on Indian country as a whole. As the tributes pour forth, we thought it apt to bring you this portrait by Thosh Collins, a shot that became Hill's go-to publicity image. (We have used it before on this site, not knowing it was taken by Collins.) Collins offered some thoughts on the sitting on his Facebook page: "We never lose great people -- we get to enjoy their guidance from the spirit world. Our time with them is just delayed until our spirit entities meet again in another place. It was an honor to have taken this photograph of iconic comedian Charlie Hill (Mohawk, Onieda, Cree). ... Charlie was not only a funny man but was a very kind and loving man to his family and those around him. My last memory of him was on the day I shot this photo of him; he had gotten acupuncture done by one of our board members of the Native Wellness Institute. He was at peace during it and talked about the importance of wellness in Native country. That was inspiring for me to see, thank you. Your journey touched all. And thanks to Nasbah and Nanabah for contacting me for that shoot."

The photographer: Thosh Collins (Pima/Osage/Seneca/Cayuga) is a contributor to The Thing About Skins.  Thosh is an award-winning photographer and fitness enthusiast from Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and a board member of the Native Wellness Institute. He studies Indigenous principles of health, well-being and nutrition and puts them into a modern-day context in a discipline called "Hybridized Indigenous Wellness." He loves to photograph Natives living in a hybridized healthy way. He is available for workshops and photography services at and his Instagram is@thoshographer.

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