Ethereal Aurora Hovers Over Northern Quebec: Photos

Ethereal Aurora Hovers Over Northern Quebec: Photos


?The solar flares of early March, plus a few others that have occurred since, are steadily igniting the northern lights this year. With the advent of spring, that activity will intensify as the aurora reaches its brightest season. This year and next, with the sun’s activity spikes as part of its 11-year cycle, that is going to be even more pronounced.

Yes, NASA recently blasted a rocket into the center of the aurora borealis in order to learn more about it. But once in a while we must suspend all that science talk and steep ourselves in the beauty of it all.

Circumpolar dwellers have many legends and myths surrounding these lights. Is it any wonder?

These photos taken by Quebecois Sylvain Serre on March 18, 2012, make it obvious why such sights take us of out of time and mind.

“Incredible night in the land, tonight,” Serre wrote on his entry to “The northern lights weren't there at the beginning, but after five minutes, there were coming, as always. They were so strong that I had to try new adjustments for my camera.”

Keep it coming, sun.

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