Fantastic Photos: Summer Pow Wow Season Brings Families Together

Fantastic Photos: Summer Pow Wow Season Brings Families Together


From the Indian Country Today Media Network archives, we take a look at some pow wows from summers past and pick out some of our favorite shots. The summer months are jam-packed with pow wows from coast to coast, with families and friends coming together. Pow wows function in many ways—they carry on the culture of specific tribes, they tell stories in the form of song, drum and dance, they raise money for worthy causes, they serve as spiritual and cultural gatherings that shed light on the unique heritage of each tribe.

Pow wows also bridge generation gaps, giving the young a chance to spend quality time with their elders, and provide families with a wonderful opportunity to come together. They are often, at heart, family gatherings, providing loved ones, be they blood relatives, friends or neighbors, a central location to spend time and reflect.

It is in that spirit we provide today's photo gallery, a collection from our archives that highlights this familial aspect. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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