Featured Photo: Apache Social Dancer Guy Narocomy

Featured Photo: Apache Social Dancer Guy Narocomy



Back in July, ICTMN was invited to go behind the scenes of the Mescalero Apache puberty rites, which are conducted over four days and nights at the tribe’s Feast Grounds.

These ceremonies were once slandered as “evil practices” and banned in 1883 by the U.S. as a violation of The Code of Indian Offenses. When the Apaches were allowed to resume their rites, it was on the condition that they be held on American Independence Day. Moving the date, according to Mescalero Apache President Danny Breuninger, risks the loss of this important history.

“Our puberty rites are a key salvation in regaining and remembering our ceremonies, and all of the things that make us Apache people,” Breuninger explained.
Read more about the rites, and interview with a Groundsman, and see more images below.

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This image was featured in this week’s Indian Country Today Media Network newsletter.

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