Featured Photo: Bassoonist Is Breaking Stereotypes

Featured Photo: Bassoonist Is Breaking Stereotypes



Dr. Jacqueline Wilson, an assistant professor of music at Southeast Missouri State University, is also a professional bassoonist and organizer of Molto Native Music, an organization dedicated to showcasing Native musicians in classical music.

“An Indian in classical music, isn’t that a little weird?” she gets asked this quite a bit. Her answer on her website Molto Native Music, is ‘Not really.”

She says introducing classical music to Native people can be a struggle.

“The function of classical music in boarding schools was to erase Native culture...and replace it with something decidedly western,” Wilson told ICTMN. “Whenever I play, I am honoring the legacy of ancestors that endured that cultural trauma.”
Read more about her in the story below.

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This image was featured in this week’s Indian Country Today Media Network newsletter.

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