Featured Photo: Oceti Sakowin Kitchen Nourishes the Protectors

Featured Photo: Oceti Sakowin Kitchen Nourishes the Protectors



Reading the news of the protectors at Sacred Stone Camp, you don’t hear much about how they are actually living, but a lot goes into keeping the many people there fed on a daily basis. That’s where the Oceti Sakowin camp kitchen comes in.

“I gather the men and women who are cooking and tell them it shouldn’t matter whose kitchen you are in; you should have a good mind and a good heart,” said Melanie Stoneman of the Rosebud Sioux tribe. “No gossiping or too much laughing around; whatever feelings you have go into this food.”

Stoneman has been at the camp with her extended family on and off since August, and has been helping out in the kitchen since early on.

“We try to keep Lakota people in the kitchen so we can have traditional food like wojapi, soup and fry bread available for folks,” she said.

Volunteers come from all walks of life, and they as well as Stoneman have learned about preparing different types of food, like vegan and vegetarian offerings, while working in the kitchen.

“All of the volunteers have been fabulous and willing to learn how we are when we feed people,” Stoneman said. “They see that everything we do here is based on spirituality and prayer. I think it has been a new experience for many of them.”
Read more about the kitchen, and how the non-Indians fare volunteering, below:

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