Featured Photo: White Dudes with Guns and Misinformation

Featured Photo: White Dudes with Guns and Misinformation



This image is real, and was not photoshopped. It was posted to Instagram by Colin McCarthy, who said at the time:

Friends at #standingrock please be safe, this man just plowed through a peaceful prayer ceremony waving a gun, injuring 2 people and then proceeded to fire 7 shots into the air. Women, children and elders all running to get out of the way…

Not only is the Morton County Sherriff’s office not doing anything about men like this, they are putting Native arrestees in cages, and Policto.com published a story with a pretty large error in it. They said that President Barack Obama “greenlit” the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline project. That was false.

The story was corrected, but putting false information out there is dangerous to the protectors who are putting their lives on the line.

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This images was featured in this week’s Indian Country Today Media Network newsletter.

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mem's picture
COWARDS - guys like this have always been brave if they can hide behind a gun, a dog, or attack women & children. They have jealousy so intense it causes them their hatred for what they lack. Their history is filled with cowardice, committing cowardly acts then telling lies to hide it from their families & pretending it is some kind of bravery. It's such a human shame but there are so many of these cowards among us ever since Columbus it our lands.
Sammy7's picture
Portrait hanging in the Museum of Modern Art entitled "angry white man taller that his hair"
Daniel Schulz-J...
(I assume by "Policto.com" in paragraph 2 is meant "Politico.com".)


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