Happy 4th From Your Friendly Neighborhood Rez Fireworks Stand [30 Photos]

Happy 4th From Your Friendly Neighborhood Rez Fireworks Stand [30 Photos]


Selena Kearney is a photographer and jewelry designer in Seattle, Washington, and as with good number of Natives in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere, fireworks were a family business. Still are. As she says on her blog,

I am a proud member of the Chehalis Tribe. Every summer I take a journey back home to sell fireworks out of my stand, The BombShelter. We are located in Thunder Valley on the Chehalis Indian Reservation.   I started selling fireworks for my mom at the age of fifteen, she has had a fireworks stand for over twenty years. I have had my own stand with my husband, Matt since 2009. I love my time on the rez selling fireworks, it keeps me connected to my family and my tribe.

These personal snaps of Bomb Shelter fun came from Selena's Facebook and Instagram pages, and they make us wish we could be there tonight, spending time with family and selling the imported recreational explosives you can't buy off the rez. A big thanks to Selena for letting us share them with ICTMN readers. You can visit Selena's website selenakearney.com to see examples of her professional photography, and she sells her jewelry at etsy.com/shop/FoxgloveBridal.

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