Lighthorse Police Explorers Honor Lost Lives at Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Lighthorse Police Explorers Honor Lost Lives at Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Amy Morris

Officer Daniel Wind, of the Lighthorse Tribal Police Department in the Muscogee Creek Nation, beams with pride if you ask him about The Lighthorse Police Explorer Program.

Police Explorers is a national program created by the Boy Scouts of America. Young men and women ages 14-21 are allowed to join the program, which provides educational training and opportunities with emphasis on law enforcement. According to, the five main areas of focus are career opportunities, leadership experience, life skills, citizenship and character education. There are currently over 33,000 Explorers and 8,425 adults volunteering nationally.

The Lighthorse Post was founded in 2003 and was the first Tribal Post in Oklahoma. Officer Wind has been the executive director for 9 years. He believes it is important to teach youth that there is a whole world to learn about and experience. One of his main goals is to teach them about becoming confident in their abilities and to help them strive to reach their goals.

“My biggest blessing is watching these kids succeed, graduating high school and going to college. Too much of the spotlight often goes to the kids getting in trouble, but I believe it is crucial to highlight the ones doing great things with their lives. We have kids in the program that are student athletes, one is High School Student of the Year,” Wind says. “The kids are very involved in every aspect of this program. They are the ones that wrote our Mission Statement and are currently working with elders on a Muscogee Creek Nation Pledge of Allegiance, which will be presented at the January 2015 annual council meeting. They also provide 100s of hours in community service.”

In addition to career and leadership training, the Lighthorse Post also incorporates cultural trips for the Explorers, taking them to visit areas that emphasize cultural preservation and historical interest. The most recent trip was to the Bicentennial of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in Alabama. The Explorers accompanied other members of the Muscogee Creek Nation who also made the journey. They assisted in placing luminaries over the battlefield, each representing a life lost. One of the Lighthorse Police Explorers, Armon, intensively researched the battle before visiting the site, and then eloquently described the events of the battle that occurred on March 27, 1814.

“Learning about the battle is one thing, but seeing where we came from has been the most important part of this trip...I have learned so much through this group, it has given me opportunities that I wouldn't have had otherwise,” Armon said.

Officer Wind is very grateful that the Lighthorse Police Department is able to partially assist with funding the program. However, more funds have to be raised to cover the remaining expenses. If you are interested in making a donation to support the Lighthorse Post, contact Officer Daniel Wind at

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