More Than a Thousand Dancers Descend on the Shakopee Pow Wow

More Than a Thousand Dancers Descend on the Shakopee Pow Wow

Cliff Matias

On August 16, more than 1500 dancers showed up for what many of the fleet-footed pow wow dancers claim to be the best pow wow in the United States—the Shakopee Wacipi.  The three day event drew dancers from across the United States and Canada who came for not just the generous prize list but the hospitality of the Shakopee pow wow committee who host the event.

Dancers were treated to a lush soft green dance circle and a Saturday night fireworks display.  One of the highlights of the pow wow is the Sunday afternoon drum group competition. Each of the 11 invited drums competed with each other in a series of fun contests,  hula hoop dancing,  hip hop dance,  and team dance, among other lively competitions.  This portion of the pow wow is always a lot of fun for the audience  and the singing groups as well.

It was another great weekend of dancing, singing, drumming and simply being together and giving thanks. We've got the pictures to prove it.

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