The Native-'Star Wars' Connection: Andy Everson

The Native-'Star Wars' Connection: Andy Everson


Andy Everson, Northwest Coast artist of the K’ómoks First Nation, holds a master's degree in anthropology and participates in traditional singing and dancing.

He is very concerned about the treaty process between his people and British Columbia. He is also a Star Wars fanatic.

While most of his art deals with traditional subjects and imagery, Everson has chosen to address the treaty issues using Star Wars characters. With treaty comes politics, bureaucracy, money and power -- those who dare struggle against the world the treaties have created may feel a little (or perhaps a lot) like a band of rebels taking on a galactic empire.

As Star Wars Day continues (May the Fourth be with you), with casting for the Navajo-language Star Wars still going in Window Rock, Arizona, we present Everson's take on Native/Star Wars art, a sequel of sorts to yesterday's gallery of works by Bunky Echo-Hawk and Steven Paul Judd. These images come from, where they're for sale as giclee prints, and Everson's Facebook page

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Cute. Another type of indian mascot, but by city indians.


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