N.F.Fail! 'I Hate my Team' and 19 Other 'RedskinsPride' Rebuttals

N.F.Fail! 'I Hate my Team' and 19 Other 'RedskinsPride' Rebuttals


The habitually inept public relations department of the Washington Redskins launched yet another flop of a campaign yesterday, and the Twitter debacle that ensued will likely be taught in schools in the years to come.

(You know, social media marketing classes, those exist, right? Well they should.)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been hammering away at the Redskins issue -- calling the Redskins OAF a "phony deal," asking the NFL to "follow the NBA’s example" of zero-tolerance toward racism in the Donald Sterling saga, and co-drafring a letter from 50 Senators that described the NFL and the Redskins as being "on the wrong side of history."

The Redskins took aim at Reid -- or thought they did -- with this Tweet yesterday:

Social media is a tricky thing, though -- a hashtag can be used to rally a cause or to subvert it. The latter happened, with the reaction on Twitter snowballing into the internet's joke of the week. Here are 20 gems of subversion from users of all races.

Faiz Shakir, a spokesman for Reid's office said the fiasco "made our day." "What we saw was a collective, overwhelming outpouring that was heavily critical of the team," Shakir added. "I hope that causes the organization to reflect on why that occurred."

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