Photo: Katsina Carvers Gather, Featured Doll Valued at $3K

Photo: Katsina Carvers Gather, Featured Doll Valued at $3K



This week’s featured image puts katsina doll carvers in the spotlight, especially Michael Dean Jenkins. His doll, a Hu’ Whipper katsina, was the featured doll at this year’s gathering, the 14th annual Heard Museum Katsina Doll Marketplace.

Nearly 100 carvers came for the one-day “show and sell” event featuring both traditional and contemporary styles of katsina dolls.

The featured doll was a Hu’ Whipper katsina by Jenkins, Hopi/Pima, which was valued at nearly $3,000, and given away as an event prize.

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This image was featured in this week’s Indian Country Today Media Network newsletter.

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