Photo: Miwok Student Wins Eagle Feather Fight

Photo: Miwok Student Wins Eagle Feather Fight



This week’s featured image shows an eagle feather victory for Christian Titman, Miwok, who won the fight to wear his feather at graduation from Clovis High School in California.

Clovis Unified School District and Titman’s attorneys reached an agreement on June 2, which allowed him to wear the feather at graduation. “The district’s refusal to allow a small symbol of religious expression during the graduation ceremony is a misunderstanding of both the spirit and the letter of the law,” Novella Coleman, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, argued. “The implication that an eagle feather with religious significance is unacceptable or disruptive signals a deep disrespect from the district.”

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Gregory Frizzell said the school’s policy prohibiting decorations on graduation caps does not violate the U.S. Constitution’s right to exercise religious freedom because it was applied generally and was religion-neutral, reports the Associated Press.

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This image was featured in this week’s Indian Country Today Media Network newsletter.

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