Photo: Sweet, Racism: Haribo Pulls Blackface Candy

Photo: Sweet, Racism: Haribo Pulls Blackface Candy



This week’s featured image comes to us from Haribo, a German company, known for the invention of gummy bears, its most popular product.

The company decided to alter its all-licorice “Skipper Mix” after criticism that its depictions are racist.

The Skipper Mix includes faces that appear to be stereotypical caricatures of African and Asian people, and masks of African or Polynesian origin. (A Haribo vendor with a product description still posted says the images recall “afrikanische, asiatische und indianische Kunst"—or African, Asian and Native American art.) One piece even bears a resemblance to a Sambo or pickaninny image from the late 19th-early 20th century.

The mix, which also includes palm trees, fish, and lobsters, is meant to be inspired by things a sailor may see in their travels around the world, according to the company.

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This image was featured in this week’s Indian Country Today Media Network newsletter.

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