Put Some Beads on It: Paul Frank Native Designer Candace Halcro

Put Some Beads on It: Paul Frank Native Designer Candace Halcro

Lee Allen

This is the fourth and final profile of a Native designer selected to work with Paul Frank Industries on a collection to be called "Paul Frank Presents." Candace Halcro is known for her beadwork, and particularly her innovative practice of applying beadwork to sunglasses frames. On August 16, when the Paul Frank Presents line debuts at the Santa Fe Indian Market, Halcro-beaded Paul Frank sunglasses will be in the lineup. For previous installments in this series, see:
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NAME: Candace Halcro

AGE: 32


INFLUENCES AS A DESIGNER: Beadwork is very prominent with First Nations here in Canada -- beaded jewelry, moccasins, clothing and accessories. You can add beads to pretty much anything, and the creativeness is definitey evolving here in Canada. My hand-beaded sunglasses are just one example of that.

THOUGHTS ON WORKING WITH PAUL FRANK INDUSTRIES: This opportunity to work together with Paul Frank is amazing. I think it's going to give us a chance to be seen in a different light -- not only the artists involved with this particular collaboration, but First Nations artists as a whole. Being able to show our culture, and to help give exposure to other First Nation designers out there with amazing talents, is very exciting.

Images of Candace Halcro and her products come from her Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as the Beyond Buckskin Boutique. Candace Halcro's online store is brownbeaded.net.

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