Scenes from the Idle No More Rally in Ottawa

Scenes from the Idle No More Rally in Ottawa


At 10 AM on Thursday, December 20, Natives held a round dance in front of the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa; on Friday, at 2 PM, over 4,000 braved the chill and falling snow to attend a massive protest and march. Both events were in support of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, currently on a hunger strike, and the larger issue of Native and First Nations concerns summed up in a three-word sogan that has become the movement's name: Idle No More.

Speakers at the Friday rally included Sylvia McAdam, one of the four women who started the Idle No More movement; Shawn Atleo, Assembly of First Nations National Chief; and Danny Metatawabin, spokesperson for Chief Theresa Spence.

These images were captured by photographer Nadya Kwandibens of Red Works Studio. For more, visit Nadya's Facebook page or the official Red Works Studio website.

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