What the NotYourTonto Twitter Storm Looked Like [24 Images]

What the NotYourTonto Twitter Storm Looked Like [24 Images]


Thanks to the efforts of several wired indigenous activists, the hashtag #NotYourTonto trended over Oscars weekend in a big way. The "Twitter Storm" was a reaction to the nomination for two Oscars (for costumes and visual effects) of Disney's The Lone Ranger, a film seen by many Natives as racist for Johnny Depp's portrayal of Tonto. In addition to raising awareness of the issue of "redface" with their tweeted words, many participants sent out images related to the topic -- these included displays of Native pride, meme-style criticisms of the film, and reminders of Disney's terrible track record when it comes to depictions of Indigenous people in its children's movies.

Many Twitter stormers used graphics created by @WhatTRIBE -- still downloadable from whattribe1.com and always tweetable.

The Lone Ranger did not win either of the Oscars for which it was nominated.

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