Where Can You Find 20,000 Pieces of Gingerbread This Holiday Season?

Where Can You Find 20,000 Pieces of Gingerbread This Holiday Season?


The Gingerbread Village at the Oneida Indian Nation's Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York is open again this year for guests to stroll through.

The smell of 20,000 pieces of gingerbread invites guests into the Winter Garden. It features eight buildings and spans nearly 60 feet. Building favorites that have retuned include the Farm Barn, the church and hotel—new this year is the incredible Santa’s Bake Shoppe, lit from the inside so guests can see all the sweet treats within. Inside Santa’s Bake Shoppe, guest can even see a miniature gingerbread house.

The village also includes the popular Santa’s Workshop, an animated marvel that shows the elves hard at work on this year’s toys.

Turning Stone Executive Pastry Chef Dennis Miller is the mastermind behind the team of bakers who created the village. But it wasn’t just 20,000 pieces of gingerbread that made this sweet holiday treat happen. The team also used: 4,800 Hershey kisses,  1,000 pounds of frosting, 200 pounds of short dough cookie tiles, 2,000 sugar disks for the Church roof, 28 pounds of colored rock sugar, 3,000 house made pastillage wafers, and it took 1,200 hours of love to complete.

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