World Lacrosse Championship Player Profile: Cody Jamieson

World Lacrosse Championship Player Profile: Cody Jamieson


As the Iroquois Nationals prep for tonight’s game against Japan, ICTMN is profiling each of the 27 players during the tournament -- which ends on July 19. For fans who want to know a little bit more about each player on theNationals’s roster, meet Cody Jamieson, today’s featured player.

Jamieson, Six Nations Ontario, Mohawk, was selected first overall by the Rochester Knighthawks in the 2010 NLL draft. Since that time, he’s earned rookie of the week honors six times and has helped the Knighthawks win three straight National Lacrosse League titles, the AP said.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself… I just like to win; and I expect to win every time I play a game of lacrosse, that’s the kind of pressure I put on myself,” Jamieson told a blog site.(

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That kind of pressure helps  wins championships.

Good luck, Cody!

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