American Indian Scouting Association
The American Indian Scouting Association’s 2013 seminar was held in Riverton, Wyoming.

American Indian Scouting Association Annual Seminar Coming Up in Idaho


The American Indian Scouting Association will hold its Annual Seminar for youth and adults at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, July 19-23, 2014. The host tribes will be the Shoshone-Paiutes of the Duck Valley Reservation in Owyhee, Nevada.

Participants will include both Indian and non-Indian youth (ages 12-17) and adults, who explore strategies for youth development and improvement of life in American Indian communities through Girl Scout and Boy Scout programs and services.

Members will share tribal traditions through native dress, dancing, music, sports and a tour of the host tribe’s community. Shoshone and Paiute history and customs will be featured.

A highlight of the seminar is the awarding of the Joseph T. Provost Youth Award and the Francis X. Guardipee Grey Wolf Award, which recognizes distinguished service to American Indian youth.

Workshops will be available to assist adults responsible for leadership and administration of youth programs by providing training and a forum for the exchange of ideas.

AISA is collaboration between American Indian tribal leaders, educators and two of our nation’s leading youth agencies—Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. and Boy Scouts of America.


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