Qristina Cummings
I wasn’t surprised that “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” crossed this particular line and featured “Native-inspired” headdresses and clothing. I am Romani, pejoratively referred to as “Gypsy.” The word “Gypsy” has been used to refer to many separate...
Johnny Rustywire
Old Man Kee Bedonie sat down at the small wooden table at his place and looked out through the screen door to the east as the sun set and from there the colors of the rainbow appeared, turning everything gold, yellow, orange with a tinge of purple...
Rosita Kaa háni Worl
The threads of history, culture and ancestry form a timeless and unbreakable weave in Native American life. The elders who came before us are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Their wisdom, knowledge and beliefs guide and center...
Steve Russell
Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2. It’s a stiff competition for “anthem of the Civil Rights Movement” because there were so many great songs. Traditional songs repurposed like “We Shall Not be Moved” and “We Shall Overcome” and songs...
Carly McIntosh
To the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women of Canada   As I look into the waters, I wait slowly as time goes by. I have to say that I never believed I would be here, watching my son from the sky...   While watching my son look to the sky, I feel...
Charles Kader
The sounds and smells of summer are now with us across Indian Country today. To those who wait all year for these familiar and fleeting sensations, and all that comes with them, I hope that you enjoy them. From pow-wows to making frybread and...
Steve Russell
If you missed "Topical Songs 1," click here. The most obvious examples of topical songs with limited shelf lives are those focused on elections. The U.S. has been running political tunes up the flagpole every election since George Washington’s run...
Jennifer K. Falcon
After the Texas Democratic Convention headlines were buzzing about former San Antonio Mayor and current HUD Secretary Julian Castro being on the short list as a potential running mate to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton....
Peter d'Errico
A study of myths demands a clarification: What do we mean by "myth"? As revealed in the Oxford English Dictionary, the word can carry diametrically opposed meanings—on one hand, positive: sacred origin story; on the other hand, negative: widely held...
Steven Newcomb
“Every story has a sacred dimension not because of gods but because a man or woman’s sense of self and the world is created through them. These stories serve to orient the life of a people through time, establishing the reality of their world.” —...
Steve Russell
By the time you are pushing 40, you understand why oldies radio stations are common coast to coast. You hear the first few bars and you can name the tune and the artist. Even more important, the music transports you to a time and place. Where you...
Terri Miles
Editor’s note: The following was written as an open letter to Indiana University on behalf of a committee of the people who created and maintained the programming of the First Nations Educational and Cultural Center at Indiana University. They claim...
Richard Peterson
Earlier this month, I wrote a commentary on whether or not the 2014 “Unity Team” would keep its promise to steer away from litigation against Alaska tribes and instead work towards improving tribal relations. Today’s commentary is a follow-up to...
Leonard Peltier
NOTE: This letter was originally published on AmericanIndiansAndFriends.com. Sisters, brothers, friends and supporters: June 26 marks 41 years since the long summer day when three young men were killed at the home of the Jumping Bull family, near...