Danielle Vigil-Masten
The Hoopa Valley Tribe applauds a recent decision by a federal judge to allow the federal Bureau of Reclamation to open the Lewiston dam and release Trinity River water needed to avoid a replay of the 2002 fish kill in the Klamath River. The lifting...
Cedric Dukes
There are many issues in our world, ranging from high unemployment rates, poverty, crime, corruption and failing cities. It’s happening all around the world even in our communities. Experts claim that creating more programs, jobs, and laws will fix...
Marilyn and George Keepseagle, Claryca Mandan, Porter Holder, Ross Racine
The Keepseagle v. Vilsack class action made history in 2010 when Indian farmers and ranchers were awarded $680 million in damages and $80 million in debt relief for decades of harsh discrimination by the USDA’s Farm Loan Program.   Now we have an...
Steve Russell
Texas senator Ted Cruz thinks he is one of the principal contenders for the Republican nomination to be the next President. He represents the Tea Party wing of the GOP, a source of much craziness and pretty much all of the current Washington...
Margo Hill
Mel Tonasket served as the Colville Confederated Tribe’s Chairman, The President of National Congress of American Indians and Indian health Service Area Director. Mel Tonasket was not formally educated but he had lobbied and negotiated with...
Jay Daniels
These past few weeks have created quite a stir within Indian country. The two most significant issues are the recent ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court remanding Baby v. Adoptive Couple back to the South Carolina State Supreme Court using a narrowing...
Dwanna L. Robertson
I love teaching. I love how students are open to new information and give critical thought about contemporary social issues. Mostly, I teach about social injustices that accompany the experience of being racialized (labeled) as not-white. For...
Peter d'Errico
On August 9, 2013, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement for International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. He said, "Indigenous peoples…make up more than five percent of the world’s population, some 370 million...
Ed Rice
The stated mission of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, in Cooperstown, New York, is “to preserve history, honor excellence and connect generations.” It fails on all three counts where Native American players and history are concerned....
Dustin Twin
The voice on the other end had an ominous sense of urgency. He opened with, “We're running. I can't take this shit anymore.” As per our last conversation I knew that he was talking about running for council, but “this shit” could mean any number of...
Bryan Brewer
On August 2, 2013, Representative Nunes, joined by Representatives Jenkins, Kind, Gerlach, Reichert, Boustany, Cole, Moore, Delbene, Cardenas, Kilmer, Valadao, McCollum, Mullin and Gosar, introduced H.R. 3043, the Tribal General Welfare Exclusion...
Gabriel S. Galanda
Throughout the 19th Century the U.S. Cavalry perpetrated the genocide of Indian People. Today’s Cavalry—federal, state and local police—are no longer committed to extermination. But American cops’ flagrant disregard for tribal self-governance when...
Steven Newcomb
Ever notice how some dominant society people tend to talk about the past, particularly when it comes to Indian history? “Well that was a long time ago,” some will dismissively say. “You can’t turn back the clock,” is another typical phrase. And then...
The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program
A new poll released yesterday by Public Policy Polling finds that Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal is the least popular Republican governor in the country, and second most unpopular governor in the U.S. overall. Jindal’s rock-bottom...