Charles Kader
To The Editor, Upon hearing the announcement that Representative William Owens will not seek re-election, I was gratified. Besides wishing him well in his retirement, I will also recount where his political shortcomings have aggravated the formal...
Daniel Akaka & Michael Chun
Aloha, As former leaders familiar with and committed to the well being of Hawai’i’s indigenous people, we see in Colleen Hanabusa someone who shares our passion and commitment to fighting for their rights and improving their condition. Indeed,...
Hon. Carolyn Bennett
The federal government’s callous treatment of Jeremy Meawasige, an Aboriginal teenager from the Pictou Landing reserve is nothing less than shameful. This youth is living with cerebral palsy, autism, spinal curvature, and a debilitating accumulation...
Autumn Dawn White Eyes
Today, Savage Media will release a video of Preston Wells’s poem entitled “If the Indian Mascot could speak.” It invokes a sense of anger, which I’ve never been able to express. I often find myself thinking about the time before I came to college. I...
Steve Russell
A dominant metaphor in colonial political science of this generation has come from the British utilitarian Jeremy Bentham by way of the French post-modernist, Michel Foucault: the Panopticon, a prison design where the architecture allow constant...
Charles Kader
I recently completed an enjoyable reading of Uprising, a 2010 novel by Douglas Bland. It’s a fictional portrayal of modern day Canada amidst a resilient Native insurgent uprising. The new paperback edition was recently published by the Toronto-based...
Kent Blansett
Last October in Rexton, a small eastern Canadian town on the Elsipogtog First Nation Reserve, over 100 Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) wielding riot gear, side arms, tasers, tear gas, attack dogs, pepper spray, rubber bullets, nightsticks, and...
Sherry Treppa
All Native Americans should be deeply concerned about a recent federal court decision ordering the BIA to decide who can be a member of one California tribe and how the tribal government should be organized – all for the sake of protecting “...
Jennifer Denetdale
Like so many other times, I stopped at a gas station just outside the boundary of the Navajo Nation. As I start to pump gas in my SUV for my trip back to Albuquerque, a young Diné woman approaches me and asks if she might catch a ride to Gallup, a...
Ed Rice
While it’s admirable — and I’m completely sarcastic here — that the Cleveland Indians organization sought feedback from its fan base on the controversial issue of its racist mascot, Chief Wahoo, and has started 2014 by implementing a partial end to...
Ryan Bellerose
The December 31, 2013 article “‘Redwashing’ Panel Follows Academic Associations’ Boycott of Israel” on IndianCountryTodayMediaNetwork.com is rife with inaccuracies and outright fallacies, from the opening paragraph where it speaks about "using...
Steve Russsell
The Sunday New York Times reported that Al Qaeda has taken control of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, for the first time since the U.S. Marines hauled down the Stars and Stripes over the memory of the Second Battle of Fallujah at the end of 2004, having...
Simon Moya-Smith
I know it’s not just me – you see it, too. It’s Saturday morning. You flick on the tube, turn the channel to MSNBC. Melissa Harris-Perry is at her roundtable with her liberal skulls – and that one republican to rep his party. She does it every time...
Walter Lamar
Despite delays, shutdowns, underfunding and bureaucratic tangles, the bipartisan Indian Law and Order Commission has spent the past several years steadily gathering data on how to fix the dire public safety crisis that plagues tribal lands. The...