Richard Peterson
Earlier this month, I wrote a commentary on whether or not the 2014 “Unity Team” would keep its promise to steer away from litigation against Alaska tribes and instead work towards improving tribal relations. Today’s commentary is a follow-up to...
Leonard Peltier
NOTE: This letter was originally published on AmericanIndiansAndFriends.com. Sisters, brothers, friends and supporters: June 26 marks 41 years since the long summer day when three young men were killed at the home of the Jumping Bull family, near...
Gabriel S. Galanda
Part 1 and Part 2 regarding a phenomenon described by Professor David Wilkins: how a “determined and diverse chorus of individuals, organizations, and even a few Native nations” are saying enough is enough to the wholly non-indigenous practice of...
Alex Jacobs
This disturbed man killed 49 people with a Sig Sauer automatic pistol shooting 30 rounds a minute and so many people got everything so wrong about him and what happened. Toxic masculinity, shame, unworthiness, revenge, trained to kill and operate...
I was never raped. I allowed it to happen. This is the lie I told myself for the past decade. The recent events involving Brock Turner, the convicted rapist and former student of Stanford University, has unearthed memories long ago buried. I wear a...
André Cramblit
Last week “The Greatest” was laid to rest. Seems to be happening more and more as the oldest of the Baby Boomer generation begins to shuffle off this mortal coil.  Seeing Ali go down for the 10 count got me waxing nostalgic. The pugilist formerly...
Terese Mailhot
After the shooting in Orlando, mainstream media outlets reported the shooting as “the worst in U.S. History.” Most Native people and activists knew this to be untrue and took to Twitter and Facebook to fix the headline and clarify. I reposted one of...
Ruth Hopkins
Turtle Island and the Indigenous groups who have continuously occupied these lands are older than the United States of America. Our spiritual beliefs are tied to Ina Maka (Mother Earth). As such, Indian Country holds sacred sites of reverence that...
Peter d'Errico
Once again, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has authored a compelling critique of fundamental doctrines in federal Indian law. Thomas' concurring opinion in United States v. Bryant, 13 June 2016, attacks the contradictions inherent in...
Harold Monteau
(In researching for this Article I realized that I will have to write a Part 4 just to accommodate the “Policy Swings” that took place after the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act up to the present with regard to the U.S. recognizing its Trust...
Harlan McKosato
The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque is the stuff of legend. It is a destination point for many Native Americans across the nation. People look forward to it all year. It is a place where you can run into old snags or find a new one. It’s...
Steve Russell
I have never been able to find that place to stand to cleanse myself of all bias. If that place exists, getting there involves abstaining from much that is important to me. When I became a judge, I willingly took on the task of trying to avoid the...
Terese Mailhot
I don’t know what "Native" is. It’s become something so obscure that the more I talk about it the more abstract it becomes. I can’t say it’s about blood, or skin, or pain, or papers. But I know when it’s absent. The Kenyon Review published the work...
Rachael Lorenzo
I am doing the best I can as an urban indigenous woman. I do not always remember to put my cornmeal down at sunrise, the Pueblo way. I keep forgetting to ask my tribal home visitor to bring us some pollen so I can teach my daughter how to pray the...