Heather Kendall-Miller
On May 31, 2013, the Ahtna elder, matriarch and icon, passed away at the age of 97. Katie John was a long-time client of the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) who represented her in federal court litigation for nearly 30 years. The Katie John...
Steve Russell
Meanings vary when people repeat that things can be done “the right way, the wrong way, or the Army way.” The Army way may represent teamwork so instinctive that orders are not necessary. For most GIs, the Army way is the elevation of form over...
Johnny Rustywire
It was long ago at a place not too far from Winona Trading Post along the Turquoise Trail where you came across a muddy wash that each Spring roared to life with the rain and it washed over the land so fast it raced down to a place where it cut...
Adrian Jawort
While the NRA side of the gun debate claims the recent deaths of 20 schoolchildren and six educators from Newton, Connecticut are being exploited to promote an anti-gun agenda, another anonymous gun rights promoter has exploited the historic plight...
Vincent Schilling
Starting the first Friday in June, my Native Trailblazers radio show will be highlighting for the third year in a row an impressive amount of Native American, First Nations and other indigenous groups and artists in music. Last year, it was amazing...
Peter d'Errico
"Appropriateness" was a theme at the 12th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, May 20 to 31. Specifically: Is there an “appropriate” place for Indigenous Peoples in the context of the United Nations organization? Behind the shared...
Cedric Sunray
Moore, Oklahoma is the community where my wife and her siblings would ride their dirt bikes for miles during their upbringing. It was the place her brother would play high school football and she would run track. A place their family has so many...
Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva and Jose Aguto
The vast majority of the scientific community hasn’t disagreed about climate change for decades. We know we’re pumping more carbon, methane and other dangerous gases into the atmosphere at record levels, and we know we’re trapping heat that will...
Steven Newcomb
There was a deeply troubling development at this year’s United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (the 12th Session) in New York. Before we get into that, though, let’s first build some historical context. In 1973, Russell Means and Dennis...
David Wilkins
Disenrollment, a seemingly innocuous term when used outside Indian country, has become a loaded word that rivals, if it does not surpass, “termination” as a concept that invokes fear and trembling in those natives who suffer its consequences. While...
Julianne Jennings
Mainstream America has effectively marginalized our inherited way of being and, although restricted, it is still very much alive despite the history and purpose of the Europeans, which was to produce people who might appear to be “look-like Indians...
Peter d'Errico
Berlin's Museum of Medical History has entered the controversy about exhibition and repatriation of human remains. As The New York Times reports, the curators are "re-evaluating the principles that govern their displays as they confront a growing...
Cedric Dukes
Congratulations graduates, you have made it! High school graduation is a breaking away of adolescence and entering into the adult phase of life. Your training in the past 18 years will set the stage for your college experience. Graduation from high...
Jamescita Peshlakai
I am writing as a traditional Navajo, mother, veteran, Chapter house voter for Cameron and as a newly elected Arizona State Representative of Legislative District 7 (includes the confluence sacred site). Being from Cameron, the Gap-Bodaway community...