Idle No More

Thousands of people across Canada took to the streets for International Human Rights Day on December 10, launching a grassroots effort for Native rights and recognition in the face... Read More
(Gyasi’s Note: I’ve been intrigued by the Idle No More events in Canada since I first heard about them—I’m always a fan of vulnerable people taking their lives into their own hands... Read More
There are hunger strikes. There are highway blockades. And now, the Idle No More protests have arrived at the mall. The Cornwall Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, that is... Read More
Nine days ago, when Idle No More rallies swept across Canada, Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence announced a hunger strike... Read More
December 20, 2012
With the Idle No More movement continuing to gain momentum, it was perhaps inevitable that someone would see the need for a rallying cry you can dance to... Read More
Dwayne Bird, creative director of Winnipeg-based Birdwire Media has come up with posters intended to complement the Idle No More protests currently taking place in Canada and sprea... Read More
One might argue that Idle No More -- #IdleNoMore on Twitter -- was a movement waiting to happen, a feeling that has existed everywhere but needed communication and coordination to ... Read More
DJ trio A Tribe Called Red continues to pile up the year-end accolades -- here are a few: Ottawa Magazine's Soundseekers mixtape No... Read More
The second wave of Idle No More protests swept across Canada on Friday December 21, with support events held across the U.S... Read More
As Idle No More protests rolled out across Canada on Friday December 21, Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo promised that the growing movement of demons... Read More