Mayan 2012

Some numerologists say repetitively glancing at your clock and seeing 11:11 is more than a coincidence—it's a spiritual sign... Read More
Sunspots? Black holes? Comets? What will the apocalypse bring? To hear the New Agers tell it, we are doomed... Read More
Dragging from the loss of that hour to Daylight Savings Time? Apocalyptic predictions bringing you down? Never fear. NASA is here to help... Read More
A team of archaeologists has discovered a series of murals deep in the Guatemalan jungle, one of them a calendar that looks far into the future, the scientists announced on May 10... Read More
France made the decision November 16 to ban access to Pic de Bugarach, a mountain which is said by Mayan doomsday believers to be a safe haven for when December 21 hits... Read More
It’s December 1, 2012, and many around the world are counting down to the purported Mayan Apocalypse, the end of the indigenous group’s Long Count calendar... Read More
What is happening on December 21? Those not suckered by the hype will enjoy a Friday like any other... Read More
The days are drawing closer to the supposed Mayan Apocalypse said to happen at the end of the indigenous group’s Long Count calendar – December 21... Read More
The fiscal cliff notwithstanding, the U.S... Read More

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