Thing About Skins

Gyasi Ross
UPDATED, MARCH 21, 2016: Removed reference to Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders. Begaye has not officially endorsed a candidate at this time...
Gyasi Ross
"Combine Indigenous and general public voter blocks. Walk together in support of change...
Gyasi Ross
“Our nation was born in genocide when it embraced the doctrine that the original American, the Indian, was an inferior race...
Gyasi Ross
NOTE: This review contains spoilers—both of the movie and also for those tender hearts who think that Leonardo DiCaprio is somehow doing something progressive for Native people...
Gyasi Ross
“We won't leave until these lands have been turned over to the their rightful owners, more than 100 ranchers and farmers used to work this land, which was taken illegally by the fe...
Gyasi Ross
To all the readers of ICTMN, Merry Christmas and a Happy Native New Year from Gyasi Ross!
Gyasi Ross
“I wasn’t a policy guy. I was a getting-arrested guy.” - Billy Frank, Jr...
Chelsey Luger
Steven Paul Judd is a Kiowa-Choctaw artist, who fancies pop art, has a knack for comedy, maintains a devoted fan base, and does everything from graphic design to filmmaking to graf...
Chelsey Luger and Gyasi Ross
( Gyasi’s Note: I am privileged to be able to raise my teenage nephew Antonio. This is an actual conversation with him—I asked him if it was ok if I shared...