Alex Jacobs
This week the Museum of Indian Art and Culture (MIAC) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in partnership with the National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C...
Alex Jacobs

Or could it be Selma 1965, Bloody Sunday, when the President had to federalize the National Guard. Many of the water and land protectors may feel it’s like the Greasy Grass Fight in 1876, Alcatraz 1969 or Wounded Knee 1973....

Deer Spirit for Frank LaPena, 1999 Acrylic on panel, 24 x 24 inches © Rick Bartow / Froelick Gallery
Alex Jacobs
Rick Bartow walked onto his spirit journey on April 2, 2016 due to congestive heart disease. He had suffered two strokes, the last in August 2013...
Patricia Michaels in NYC Sept 10 for Style Fashion Week
Alex Jacobs
Taos Pueblo fashion designer Patricia Michaels returns to New York City for “Style Fashion Week NYC”on September 10th to present her latest 30 piece collection at a special RSVP ev...
The Native American Journalists Association announced more than 200 national media awards recognizing excellence in reporting on Native issue by Natives and non-Native journalists ...
Marcus Amerman beaded work in Sports Illustrated - courtesy photo
Alex Jacobs
Marcus Amerman (Choctaw-Hopi), featured many times in Indian Country Today and other publications as one of the top bead workers in Native American art and design, has again hit th...
Orlando Dugi - SWAIA’s Indian Market.
Alex Jacobs
Some of the best Native designers will again do a whirlwind tour de force runway exhibit in about an hour or so on the first day of SWAIA’s Indian Market...
Santa Fe Indigenous Fine Art Market
Alex Jacobs
“Native Art is the Voice of Native People,” has been the motto of the Indigenous Fine Art Market (IFAM) 2016 and Douglas Miles, San Carlos Apache artist and founder of Apache Skate...
Alex Jacobs
Natives have always enjoyed games and sports, playing for cultural and spiritual reasons...
Fort Apache Bronx Mural - Doug Miles
Alex Jacobs
In a response to the negative implications created by the 1981 movie Fort Apache, The Bronx, San Carlos Apache artist and owner/founder of Apache Skateboards Douglas Miles, Sr...