Harriet Tubman Women on 20s
Steve Russell
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced on April 20 that Indian fighter Andrew Jackson is about to get removed from the $20 Federal Reserve Note...
iStock Hamilton Ten Dollar Bill
Steve Russell
Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew has corrected the terms of the recent Jackson Removal debate by pointing out there has been one woman on U.S...
Peter d'Errico

While we wait for the U.S. Supreme Court opinion in the case of Michigan v....

Peter d'Errico

Confusion abounded on a crucial point during oral argument in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community on December 2, 1013....

Steven Newcomb

Moraviantown, Ontario. October 5, 2013 marked two centuries (twenty decades) since Tecumseh (my Shawnee Grandma Bessie’s pronunciation was Tecumthé) fell in battle near the Thames River, and passed to the spirit world....

Peter d'Errico

People say "history" is stories about the past, events before our time, considered to be "over and done with." This ignores the continuing effects of past events, the ways history is operative in the present....