Susan Taffe Reed Dartmouth
Jacqueline Keeler
The recent appointment by Dartmouth College of Susan Taffe Reed, President of the Eastern Delaware Nation , a non-profit entity, to the position of Native American Program director...
iStock Crying Embracing
Dr. Dean Chavers
Sometimes I think I grew up in a family of crybabies. Actually, I grew up in two families and had a third one I didn’t know about until I was an old man...
Loonsfoot Family
Hannah Schmidt
The sun set below the tree canopy. I sat tracing lines in the dirt with my fingers while a sacred fire burned beside me...
Arvind Suresh
Until the advent of genetic genealogy, knowing your ancestry meant combing through old records, decoding the meaning of family heirlooms and listening to your parents and grandpare...
Simon Moya-Smith
At any given moment, the Twittersphere is awash with wisdom, idiocy, diatribes, mawkish remarks and useful and useless links that'll take you to stories and photos and nonesense an...
K.C. Cole/Chickasaw Nation
More than 20 patrons traveled from as far away as San Antonio, Texas, to tour, research and deposit items at the official archives of the Chickasaw Nation as part of International ...
Myra Vanderpool Gormley
BIA School Records In the 1880s, the Bureau of Indian Affairs established 26 non-reservation boarding schools in 15 states and territories for vocational education...
Myra Vanderpool Gormley
It's a struggle to know where to start when trying to find Native American ancestors. Here are 10 places to begin your search. 1880 U.S...
Dogs indigenous to Turtle Island were once thought to have been extinct, but a recent study says these breeds weren’t wiped out by the arrival of Europeans, and are actually thrivi...
Duane Champagne
Countries with indigenous nations usually also have mixed-blood nations composed of people of indigenous descent and other nations or races...