Anne Minard
Two congressmen want to return a defunct New Mexico Army depot to the Navajo Nation and the Pueblo of Zuni. The Pueblo is on board, but the Navajo Nation is opposed...
Mesa Prieta Petroglyphs Upside Down Man
Anne Minard
Mesa Prieta rises above the Rio Grande Valley in remote country west of Santa Fe, New Mexico...
Anne Minard
The ancients were accomplished cosmologists, part of a tradition of indigenous knowledge that intertwined with spirituality and survival...
Anne Minard
The Navajo Nation is fighting a second multi-million dollar hit to its housing budget this year, and the latest one is raising an alarm about overreach, by Congress, into Indian af...
Crownpoint Health Care
Anne Minard
The Crownpoint Health Care Facility remains open for outpatient services, and its urgent care clinic is open seven days a week during daytime hours...
Anne Minard
On summer nights, the Pueblo of Zuni, in western New Mexico, looks like any other place in rural America. Kids run and play near the streets as twilight deepens...
Anne Minard
Housing on the Navajo Nation is about to get a major upgrade, thanks in part to an energetic partnership between tribal housing officials and a former Frank Lloyd Wright protégé...
iStock Bed Bug News
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A feared bed bug infestation at a Navajo Nation hospital brought the facility under attack earlier this month by people who don’t trust its new management—but hospital administrato...
Anne Minard
Native leaders testified at a Senate hearing Wednesday that housing efforts across Indian country have shown early success, but more is needed to address the pervasive epidemic of ...
Anne Minard
The Senate has issued a new bill to reauthorize a federal Indian housing program – and, unlike its companion House bill, it keeps unspent Navajo funds intact...